Finally a little weight loss!

With the exception of spending £20 in Subway at the weekend (dear god save me from myself) I have managed to keep away from takeaways and fast food for a few days now and even done some more cooking, and despite some very big and very tasty meals, I've not only managed to curb my weight gain but also lose a few pounds!

Down to 23 stone 1 pound!

I've not managed to walk at all this week for a few reasons, mostly me making stupid excuses, and I pretty much gorged all weekend (though, I denied myself popcorn at the cinema and had a diet pepsi so slight win there), but apart from that I have been fairly sensible. I'm eating cereal for breakfast, a small lunch (at least a lot smaller than it used to be) and then dinner depends on whether I can be bothered to cook, but the worst I've had this week is a oven pizza and chips that I had tonight.

I was planning to wear a shirt I like when I go out for my birthday, but I tried it on and found there's simply no hope for it :( I thought back to when I last wore it and it dawned on me just how fast I've put on this weight! It was a baggy shirt and now it just about buttons and looks ridiculous. So since that's not my goal anymore, I'm just aiming to lose 5 pounds by then, which is fairly do-able.

I still have an urge to binge but I stopped myself buying two packs of donuts tonight. I can try to suppress the desire to just pig out but its always there so I don't know if I'll ever get over it. Even though I ate well tonight I still feel hungry and I know it won't go away until I'm really stuffed, which isn't a great thought but hey.

So, 5 pounds in 10 days! Lets do this!


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19 Replies

  • Tiny changes will eventually add up to a whole change. Congratulations on the weightloss. Hope you have a good weekend. 😊

  • Well done. I think that cooking for yourself is the key to weight loss. It gives you so much more control over the ingredients and amount you eat.

    Keep up the positive steps.

  • Hi Jay, it is a slow process but you will get there. You are having some small victories along the weight and now weight off so you are doing something right.

    I plan one evening (not day) off a week. I found that knowing I was going to do this helped me avoid all the bad food I wanted and I focused on what I would have on my evening off. I still do this know and it really does help. I know everyone is different but you will find your way.

    I remember back to how fantastic it felt losing my first stone and I couldn't wait to share the news here - I hope it won't be long until you have that feeling and get back into that shirt :)

  • An evening off sounds like a great idea! My trouble seems to be its more than one evening :S haha!

  • You will do it Jay! Binge eating is a pig of a habit to break. Think of it as an addiction and one that you can control. I'm feeling an idiot as I ate a 200gm bar of chocolate today plus some chocolate cake just because I was having a bad day. Really stupid as I made it worse stuffing rubbish down my gob. Weigh in day for me tomorrow too!

  • Oh no eeek! I have done exactly the same previously. So frustrating. Still tomorrow is another day and you will be able to undo the damage in sure. Good luck with weigh in. Let us know x

  • You wouldn't feel so bad about some chocolate if you saw what I ate tonight haha :P Hope you are still going in the right direction! :)

  • Hi jay, i too love to feel really full...really full!! So if you've got the time to make big healthy meals ...I suggest you end them with a chocolate works for me to curb the sugar addition craving..worth a shot.? Good luck😉

  • I do like to cook big meals when I do cook! I love pasta for that very reason! Not sure it's helping in my case haha! Trying to make things a) healthy and b) filing is an art form I have yet to master... :)

  • You will get you like whole grain rice? That could fill you up more than pasta?

  • I haven't tried it but I tried wholegrain pasta, that worked but I just didn't enjoy it very much :-( got bored quick. Might try thr rice too! Thanks.

  • I love's strong flavours can mask the wholegrain taste ...have a look at an old post about throwing together a quick veggie curry...the good news is you can eat loads of it! Cos it's so low in cals

  • You should be very proud for all those small changes you have already made. What we are doing is not easy but it does get easier. I found the first two weeks were hardest as that is when you are cutting out junk, eating smaller portions. I find upping my drinks helps me feel fuller or you could try lower cal snacks like carrots to keep you distracted from other food temptations. Well done on your 5lbs so far 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Thank you! Yes, drinks can be a great help! I switched to diet coke a while ago but ironically that just made me thirstier and I think I sometimes mistook that for hunger too! So trying (and most days succeeding) to have more water :)

  • The desire to over eat will diminish as the weeks go past and as your stomach gets smaller. I think it's that desire in our head's that is harder to control. You are making great strides and should be so proud of yourself. 5 lbs gone is brilliant.

    Have a great weekend and if you have to go to subway have a gigantic salad, they are really good. :)

  • I wish it would diminish :P it seems to be constantly egging me on to eat! Hopefully you are right and it will go soon but I think its mostly in my head and as you said its harder to control :) Good advice on the salad but I think I would literally need someone behind me whipping to make me avoid the steak and cheese!

  • Don't worry have the steak with your salad lots of protein :)

    Remember believe in yourself and you will do it :):)

  • Hi Jay,

    You're off to a great start, 5lbs is not to be sniffed at :)

    I suspect that you're allowed approximately 2,500 cals per day, which is a fairly large amount of food, however, it's soon used up with pizza, chips and doughnuts. :)

    If you could manage cooking for yourself, you'd be amazed at how much food you could have. My menu today, is porridge and blueberries for breakfast, chicken broth and oatcakes for lunch and Bolognese stuffed marrow for dinner. You could have all that, plus a 9" marguerite pizza and oven chips! Would that fill you up? :)

    It all comes down to preparation. Be prepared for the hunger :)

    Another thing, stop drinking diet drinks, they fool the body into thinking it's getting sugar and when it doesn't, it makes you crave sugar.

    I wish you all the very best of luck.

  • Thanks for the advice! I'd just realised about the drinks and you're right they don't help haha!

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