I'm New to Training!


I'm 30 years old and 5' 8". I have strated losing weight on 1.1.2015.. it was only food diet program without training. I was doing good .... I started with 295 lbs and Last 4 weeks it stuck at 250 lbs! and still have 63lbs to lose !!

So I decided to start training. I've joint the nearist gym here, but once I went there I didn't know from where should I start .. They have alot of facilites (Aerobic class, training machines swim pool....) but they don't have a complete program, or someone who can advise me.

So I need a help what to do ?


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  • Wow you have come an amazingly long way this year already you must feel great. 😀Do you like reading? Try the library or a bookshop or your kindle . there is a book called "fitness for dummies" which is excellent and also via the kindle there is book called "so you joined a gym, now what!"

  • Thanks .. Yeah it's wonderful feeling, I feel more active and confidant. At least now I can find more options when I go to buy clothes :)

    The titles sound good I will have a look at them.

  • To begin with well done on your weight loss to start I would leave the gym alone I would start on walking around as much as possible use your phone (if you have one) with a good app I use map my walk it brilliant on telling how fast, far calories burnt and so on work on increasing a tiny bit each day after about 3-4 weeks I think you'll benifit from a gym work out, find a gym with a personal trainer who will guide you through the proper process

    Good luck

  • Thanx alot !

    I thought the same at the begining because my job makes me walk daily at least 2.3 miles and at 200 stair steps every day.. but with the same routine the weight stoped falling, that why I desided to give it a push!

  • Have a look at the couch to 5k plan. You can do this either outdoors or on a treadmill in the gym. It's a good gradual way of getting into running. Also, try to join some classes, you'll be able to meet other people and find out how others use the gym. Circuit training might be a good class to start with. Also, lots of the machines come with instructions, so maybe have a play, try a couple to start with, see what seems to suit you. But remember to stretch afterwards, and don't overdo anything in the beginning, plenty of time to build up. Lots of luck!

  • What an amazing achievement...this is a typical me answer....stand around a machine for a while and look interested...people love to help people ...not all people, but the ones you really want to meet...someone will help you out...but make sure you laugh at yourself as they're helping and promise them that you won't hold them up too long...you'll find the most wonderful people who will stand by you and help you....trust me on this...if no one helps look for someone of the same sex and similar build....that is also likely to work....good luck and be brave!😉

  • Hey there

    Well done on your weight loss :) you have done amazing :)

    I have joined the gym a few times and had personal trainers as I never knew what to do to benefit me. Therefore I cannot really advise on what to do. I would personally Google machines they have and see how to use them and what areas they work etc. If they have classes I would be tempted to try some and fine which I like as exercising is always easier if you enjoy doing it :)

    Hope someone can help you, good luck on your journey x

  • Google The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) for plenty of free advice and you tube videos mainly showing interval training.

    I keep,plugging him because his programme worked for me and I promise you my only relationship with himm and his company was as a customer.

    I did his paid 90"day on line programme when I was at the stage of confusion with both my diet and exercise.

    It gave me a complete plan of both diet and exercise based more on body measurements than weight. It also allows for exercise and weight training at the gym or just as easily at home. I did mine at home and saved the cost of the programme by cancelling my gym membership.

    You will be amazed by how much food you are expected to eat on the plan and it is all tailored to the exercise you do.

    I finished the plan nearly two months ago but he supplies a maintenance plan. I am not following it 100% but I'm certainly following its principles and still do my high intensity workouts 4 times a week.

    Just have a look and see what you think.

  • I will have a look at.

    thanks andy

  • Hi BB You've done really well! Well done for joining the Gym too! What equipment do you already know how to work? Just go and jump on that. If you're a total newbie they have to have an induction for you (Health & Safety etc) and you'll learn how stuff works.

    Just getting on the treadmill for 30 mins and walking counts as exercise ! You need to find a routine you are OK with and just repeat! This is a learning journey for all of us. There is plenty for all of us to learn. I'd give a +1 for Ruth's suggestion of c25k. If there are classes then they are good for getting to know the staff and building a regular routine. They adjust the routine to fit each member of the class and you can do as much as you can. I went to circuits for a while. You get to learn handful of good exercises which you can do at the gym or even at home.

    Good luck & have fun!

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