Lets try again

Well here goes I tried the 12 weeks diet a while ago, and though I lost 9lbs after 3 weeks I didn't loose anything else and as usual because I didn't loose I gave up and put the weight back on. This time I am going to try again and try not to give in so easily. My biggest problem is that I pick and then I don't want a proper meal. This could be because I have been recently made a widow and not used to cooking for one, but this has got to stop I am Obese according to the NHS chart and need to loose about 3 stone just to get to a healthy weight, I already have high blood pressure and a underactive thyroid which doesn't help with loosing weight. The doctor keeps saying I have got to loose the weight. So here goes today is DAY 1


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  • Hi Lyn

    Well done you on trying again. I took me many attempts before I actually stuck to it and made it a lifestyle.

    Sorry to hear the passing of your partner. It must be a difficult time for you. Maybe making batches of food such as bolognese, chilli, stew or soups etc and freezing them, then you would just have to reheat for your meals. This way u don't have to physically stand and cook every day.

    Here if you need anything.

    Its not about how many times you fall down, it's about how many times you get back up :)


    Mandy x

  • Hi LynFS, I also used to pick a lot between meals, although it didn't put me off having the meals on top of that. I recommend planning and preparing snacks for between meals. You may find you only really need quite small meals, and that a planned healthy snack mid morning and mid afternoon helps you stay full in between. The NHS plan suggests allowing 280cals for snacks, and I definitely used all those cals during my 12 weeks, and it's been a good habit for me to continue ever since too. I make sugar free apple flapjacks and sugar free banana oat loaf, then I freeze them pre-cut into lots of small portions so I only have one piece each day with my afternoon coffee. There are lots of other snack ideas on here too, have a read through the past posts. Good luck with your second attempt :)

  • Ruth would you be able to post your sugar free flapjacks and banana loaf recipes, completely understand if you don`t have time but would love to try them as they sound like such a great healthy snack! :-)

  • Hi Midnight-munchie - they are already posted - although maybe lost in the mists of time! Look at these two links, and good luck :)



  • Thank you Ruth that is fab :-) x

  • By the way - I've since realised the apple flapjack recipe isn't quite right. The amount of oil should be 50ml not 100ml - i.e.:

    Vegan apple flapjacks: 100g oats, 75g sultanas (chopped), 50ml sunflower oil, 100ml apple juice, 1tsp cinnamon, 1 bramley apple (grated, including skin): mix together and bake for 20min. I cut this into 10 pieces, which comes to approx 140cal each.

  • Thank you Ruth I am going to definitely try to make them tomorrow I really appreciate your help :-)

  • Hey Lynn, welcome....I'm finding this forum so supportive! Hope you do to...and there are many ways to record your journey.....how you're feeling is a really good gauge too? Good luck!

  • Well done for coming back Lynf, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. You've come to the right place, this is an extremely supportive forum. I'm on week 7 and have lost just over 9lbs, which i dont think i coud have done without the support on here. I have PCOS which makes it difficult for me to lose weight, but I've done it before and got to goal and I know I can do it again 😃

  • Wow...you lost 9lbs..that was good...hope you have a good week...

  • Good luck Lynn Its always good to dust your self off and start again and so brave after such a traumatic time for you, wishing you lots of good thoughts and luck on your Day 1 xx

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