Time to say goodbye

Good morning,

It seems I have annoyed some people with my posts, and have given bad advice, which wasn't my intention. Although whinny at times, my posts were always a true reflection of how I was feeling at that time. Maybe I shared too much information.

Anyway, thank you to all the lovely people who have supported and helped my on my journey, but I think maybe it's time to go it alone.

I wish everyone good luck, and hope they find health and happiness x


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19 Replies

  • Aw - Eatwell - what happened ? Don't go !!

  • Actually - I've just seen what happened. Please don't take it to heart - you are doing really well, your posts are lovely and interesting to read. Don't give up because you might lose the support that you can get from most on here - and I like green smoothie recipes :-)

  • And I think that ShellieL posted a very pertinent post yesterday to do with this issue. I'm off out now - but you'd better still be here when I get back Eatwell :-D

  • Please don't go. What happened?

  • Hi Eatwell, I think I can see how andyt and aande got the wrong end of the stick about your post, have just replied in hopefully a helpful way. I think smoothies are an emotive issue for some people who've put so much effort into eating lots of raw salad etc, maybe smoothies seem like too much of a shortcut. Also without reading your previous posts, it could seem that your 'normal day' wasn't normal in the context of this forum (although I think it looked pretty healthy!) Please focus instead on all the positive interactions you've had on here. You're a really useful and positive member of the community. How would we learn and progress if we didn't ask random questions and share our worries? I agree with Lucca that ShellieL's post from yesterday is really relevant here x

  • Hi Eatwell,

    I've just read the other posts, take no notice, we are all here for the same thing, inspiration,support and from many really good advice and most importantly humour and reality.

    Your posts are always warm, interesting and a bit of humour and I for one like that and look forward to reading them.

    Hope you feel can stay with us.


  • Hi Eatwell,

    I've not seen what's happened, but I really hope that you stay in the forum.

    I second the comments of the others above, and say that I hope you will feel able to stay with us.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I didn't mean my reply to be at all offensive. As I said if it works for eat well then that's good but surely this forum is an open exchange of ideas and opinions that people can view and take what they want from them.

    Eatwell, I apologise if you were upset by my reply I was giving my opinion but who is to say that your opinion is not just as valid as mine

  • I think this should all be forgotten.

    Everybody was just giving advice and some things work for some people and some things don't, people have opinions and people disagree.

    I don't think its worth falling out over or a member leaving the forum.

    We are all fighting the same battle and we can only use trial and error xx

  • I agree. I think it's just a matter of a few crossed wires. Hopefully emotions can be put aside. Everyone involved is a great member on here. Perhaps Eatwell has just decided to have a break for other reasons now anyway, but if not, she'll see from the great messages here that she's missed :)

  • Eatwell pleeaase don't leave us!!! You are a fab and supportive poster on here. 😕

  • Eatwell, I did not mean to offend and certainly wouldn't want you to leave this forum because of my remarks. However, I do think it is important that other people can recognise the fact that smoothies are not necessarily a good idea when trying to lose weight for two reasons. 1) You can consume an awful lot of calories very quickly when you liquidise fruit and vegetables (or juice them) and 2) you lose a lot of the fibre benefits necessary for healthy bowels if you break them down before eating.

    Well done for your weight loss.

  • You shouldn't think of leaving. Don't pay attention to what some people have been saying. They don't understand.

  • Hi Eatwell....from a selfish point...I would prefer you to stay and keep posting.....you always bring a new way of looking at things......so give yourself a break ..just a day or two and rethink....😉

  • Hi Eatwell,

    It would be a very boring world if we all had the same opinion. It's great to have a mind of your own and to do things your way, it's also good to hear what others think albeit they may not agree with us. If your system is working for you then it's the right way, but not necessarily for others who will have to find their own way.

    It would be so good if you would stay so the rest of us can read about all the different methods and ideas and make up our own minds once we've read all the conflicting views.

    Thank you for giving us something to think about and I look forward to reading your views and ideas...please!

  • Hello, I wasn't planning on posting but people have been so kind, sending me messages. It would be rude and ungrateful of me not to briefly explain why I don't feel comfortable posting.

    I feel I have bared my soul in some posts and while I try to be light hearted but honest, I now feel I would edit my thoughts before I share them. I am not saying evetyone isn't entitled to an opinion but my posts weren't meant to advise or inform, merely the ramblings of someone trying to understand what's going with their diet.

    I chose the username Eatwell to inspire to do just that. Maybe it should have been Trying to Eat Well But Not Always Succeeding.

    I do wish you all well, and thank you to those you understood and enjoyed my posts in the spirit in which they were written. But I think this really is the last one 🙏🏻

  • That's a big shame Eatwell :-(

    I understand how you feel though, but hope you will reconsider in the future. You seemed to have got to a bit of a low point with your weight loss and I'm sad that just when you seemed to need the support, you feel you've been let down. I hope you know that I'm sure that most of us take your posts in the spirit that they were clearly intended, especially since you were responding to interest that we showed in something you were eating.

    Sending you lots of cheerfulness and support for your continuing success, but hoping that you won't need it because you'll carry on posting here at some point :-) :-)

  • Eatwell,

    Like I had said before, y9u shouldn't give up on the group and posting. I personally read what you have written and I think they can help. Don't give in to all the negative comments. Be yourself and write whatever makes you happy.

    I have a few friends that I keep in very close contact with almost every day. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, but I know they're there for me when I need them the most. If anyone said or did anything to hurt them, I'd say something to keep it from happening. I had to tell someone once that a few people at my job that two other people said something about one of my friends and they took care of it without one of my friends finding out. To this day, he still doesn't know what I had done for him,. Do you understand? Sometimes, people can say things that they think aren't mean, but they are.

  • I've not seen the post so don't know the reasons but I can say from experience, you have to keep things in perspective whenever you become involved in any online type of community or social network because the most import difference to real life is that it's very hard to communicate real sentiment when communicating virtually as you can't see people's facial expressions or body language.

    There are several regular long term contributors to this community that give very good solid advice, however it can sometimes come across wrong or be misunderstood. I know I've rubbed people up the wrong way at times as I've had a couple of umm colourful messages informing me over the years :)

    Good luck with your endeavours.

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