Hi. Have suffered all my life with obesity have had a band fitted which was successful but the band is failing I'm struggling to find a way of keeping the weight off and it is creeping on more and more, I'm in a inactive job and I work away from home a lot so no access to a kitchen just supermarket shops and a lonely hotel room in need of suggestions please


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  • Hi Wayne and welcome.....

    Have you got a plan?..

    .I did some travelling a few weeks ago and realised that all motorway service stations have about 99% of their stock as being processed sugar filled non helpful products.

    So, top tip from me is as always, really take part in this is full of positive and inspirational posters. Post and reply to posts. It keeps you away from the fridge or snack bar. And it keeps you focussed....good luck😄

  • Thanks for the welcome yes.. I'm in pain. Back leg ankle. It's hard to find something cold and healthy.

  • And it's more expensive, usually in these places, to eat healthily...I suggest checking out the NHS website's full of great ideas. Check out your BMI and you'll also see your able to eat more calories than you might have expected...I can have 1600 a day...and good luck!

  • That can't be easy :(

    I've seen people having walking meetings (as you work from home it could be an option?) Instead of sitting down take a walk with who ever you're meeting with, it not only helps you stay healthy it can also Open up more creative ideas.

    As you're in hotels a lot try and use their gyms in the evening, if they don't have them take a look at the beach body dvds. I was doing insanity workouts, they don't require much space. If Insanity looks too hard (it's not easy!) They do a whole range from hip hop abs (costs about £10 it is a full body work out) to T25 (about £100)

  • Hi Wayne go for salad from a salad bar and buy some ready made wraps with fillings you like try boots shapers or weightwatchers filled wraps they are great, if you need crisps go for walkers baked or quavers or buy some mugshot pots which you just fill with water from the kettle in your hotel room, Good luck Ski bunny

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