Day off eating vs day at work eating

Day off eating vs day at work eating

So today back to work. I must say it's much more difficult with kcal and hunger once you start day at 5 am. Today I will stick to below 1800 kcal as I first said it's the goal. Man! I'm at 1500 now. Eaten already but hungry. Waiting for last meal 300 kcal left to use.... what to eat... best would be cottage cheese really but I don't have any.... is it Chinese stir fry with chicken then?

Today oat pancakes with low sugar jam and banana (have to cut out banana off this meal as roo much kcal at once). Then small plum, kiwi, nectarine and apple (I love fruit!), then chicken caesar salad, now turkey mince with pasta and... i forgot myself at work and had sugar free hazelnut skinny latte- I'm meant to drink black coffee with a bit of soya milk.


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  • Early starts are difficult. I have two small kids. I find having a drink as soon as I get up but delaying breakfast helps me cope then eat as normal the rest of the day. Otherwise I add in an extra fruit snack to get me through

  • Same here Claireep - I get up early and have my small milky coffee. This tides me over 'til after 9am and I've dropped my daughter at school and only then I have breakfast (unless I'm out early running and have 1/2 banana). This does help to stagger the rest of the days food, so I can avoid the 'snack danger zone' at 4.30 !

  • Tricky with an early start....but you're so well planned. I do the same when ordering coffee...i just simply forget and order skinny cap.... Claire's advice looks good...About delaying that possible?

  • well as soon as i arrive at work i can forget about eating for at least few hours, so i have to have breakfast before i start. No way. would be good to go sleep early but i can't do that early... yesterday it took me 2 hours in bed and fell asleep after midnight, thinking about some random unnecessary things, that were coming out of the blue lol ;p

  • im actually ok, just having some chicken and salad within limit :) i was hungry but then forgot :)

  • I find that days off are harder for me. I bit of boredom eating creeps in and I find myself snacking (healthy though) more than I should. No access to snacks at work.

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