Off to a bad start!

I started my weightloss plan only 2 days ago and I have not been doing too well. Yesterday was a major bust, eating chocolate, well, maybe a lot of chocolate! They say the first week is the hardest to break old habits but I am so impatient and find it hard to keep myself motivated! Does anyone have any tips on how to stay motivated and how not to be too hard on yourself?!


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  • Hi Vicky

    I find that allowing a few treats is helpful - I eat a kitkat each evening as my end of day treat. I also find the 10 cal jellies useful to have in the fridge for when I get the urge to snack on something. Not everyone would agree, but if you can manage a couple of days with a good calorie count, jump on the scales and see if it has helped - often people lose a few lbs in the first week, and to see that happen quite quickly might help with the motivation ? Can you get out and walk at all ? When you feel the urge to snack on something, can you pop out for a walk round the block instead ?

    Good luck anyway - keep posting here, that'll help with the motivation as well :-)

  • Hi Vicky, you are not alone in that one. I,m struggling too, evenings my worst time. Fruit just doesn,t do it some days. A tiny kit kat is a great idea.

  • Yeah I'm the same! Really good during the day whilst I'm working but as soon as I get in the house, craving sugary treats! The kitkat is a good idea I think I'll try it

  • Question is how to make it last 5 hours !!!!

  • You have to lick the chocolate off very slowly :-)

  • That is a form of torture Lucca10

  • The first few weeks can be tough, don't get down on yourself though, we all fall down. The big thing is you have got yourself back up and are trying again, even writing on here and admitting the slip. This is a positive step. Like many people, evening munchies are the worse. I have even walked the dog in the wee hours to stop myself reaching for the fridge door. The dog has never been walked so much, good job he never tires lol. What is your downfall? Is it the chocolate or was that just to hand ( freeze it in tiny portions, It helps to minimise the damage - and place it at the back of the freezer so you have to move stuff to get at it). It may help to just not have certain things in the house at present until you feel more in control, I don't have crisps in the house for this reason - no off switch to them. Whatever your weakness, I hope you manage to find a solution. Good luck with this next week hun, you are doing fine. 😊

  • Hi Vicky, my top tip is to keep posting and reply to posts...a brilliant distraction! Also be kind to yourself. That's so important.

  • Hi Vicky, my tip is to focus on what you can have rather than what you can't. I've made healthy apple flapjacks and banana cake throughout the process, and I don't normally bake, but these feel like something sweet to have after dinner or with an afternoon coffee, and are more controllable calories-wise (and simply contain fewer calories). I freeze lots of small portions of things and take a portion out to defrost each day. Also you can beat the chocolate craving with things like small individual 100cal choc bars (buy one at a time, not the multipacks), really dark chocolate (harder to have a lot in one go), options hot chocolate, chocolate-coated rice cakes, nak'd bars, etc. Get really nice fruit in and prepare small snack pots, ready chopped up, so there's no faff when you start to crave something 'sweet'. If all these things are in your toolbox as things you can definitely have, you'll eventually stop focusing on what you shouldn't have (and developing massive cravings etc). Also, be kind to yourself in the first week. Lots of time to get it all shipshape :)

  • Some really good tips I will certainly be taking on board! Thank you! ☺

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