Experimental mode

Experimental mode

🍀 I've decided to make a note of my measurements something I don't normally bother about I usually determine my success by weight loss!....so I'm in experimental mode at the minute by eating sensible my dead line to finish all food intake by 8pm. Using the exercise bike and drinking a lot of green tea.

When I feel the urge to eat later than 8pm I drink water instead because I know psychologically I'm not really hungry it's just become a habit!!

So only time will tell Monday will give me some answers I'm feeling happy and confident right now so like I said before (I'm on it) :-) 🍀

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  • Brilliant! Go you!

  • How true is the image and words attached that you have posted, and how blessed when we realise this.

    You seem to have things figured out pretty well. I wish you a really good week ahead 😊

  • Good luck hope all goes well starting my diet today

  • Hi Chiari good luck with ur dieting. You'll get plenty of support on here:-)

    Do you have much weight to lose. I'm on the green tea it certainly gets rid of any excess fluid I'm just feeling tired from get up through the night that's it's only downfall but I'm feeling so much better all ready. All the best 🍀

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