Fat people's clothes?

Hi all,

Thanks for the response to Sunday's post - it's greatly appreciated :)

Just quickly, as you will know if you if you have read the post you'll know I'm now bed bound (although it's getting better :) have jumped from 29 to 31st (and growing [3-4lb per 2 days]) and from 54 inch to 58/60 inch waist. I think I'm now a size 6XL.

I cannot find any clothes to wear and even though I'm indoors I still want clothes to wear and that people who come round (GPs etc) don't want to see my awful skin and moobs and my 30 inch wide stomach.

Does anyone know of any sites or shops that stock clothes that fit my size? I've had to lie naked for the past 2 weeks.



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13 Replies

  • Hi Rob,

    Have you tried Jamaco? It's an online catalogue.

  • Hi Eatwell,

    Yes I have, I always used to wear their stuff. Unfortunately they now only stock up to 5XL and the waists aren't large enought. I'm a 6XL but I think a 7 would be more comfy :)

  • Try 'high and mighty' it used to have a shop in Newcastle but went online.

    good luck


  • Hi Rob,

    I looked at Amazon, and they did some 6XL clothes in there, and also here's a link to another website that stocks some 7XL clothes:


    It's called "Bigandtallmart.com". I'm not sure how tall you are, but hopefully the size might be suitable for you? See what you think.

    Hopefully if you ordered online you could receive some clothes very soon, so you can be comfortable.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Just had a look on google, seems to be quite a few places offering clothing 6xl and up.


  • Coolio - Cheers

    We must have been blind looking for them :)

  • Hi Rob,

    Sometimes we can't see the wood for the tress especially when life is so difficult.

    Hope you find something


  • Hi Rob, have you tried Ebay? They seem to have a fair bit there.

    Good luck :)

  • Cheers Sue - Myself and Steph have both messaged you

    Rob :)

  • PremierMan who are J D Williams, the same people who own Jamaco have waist sizes in Joggers and Trousers that far exceed 60 inches, you'll get something on there without a doubt.


  • Hey Rob....you ok? Wishing you well......

  • Hi portlandprincess - I'm going to PM you if that's ok :)

  • hi their i was just reading your post and thought i've got two suits that are 56R and i don't think they fit if so and you would like them just send me you address and i'll send them to you take care BIGALAN

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