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I chose my profile picture because it represents that I dont recognize myself anymore. When i was a child I was naturally slim and running around everywhere - always on the go physically and mentally. This carried on throughout my teens and into my twenties when I had a very physical job managing a street outreach team in which even as the team grew larger i still had some shifts to cover and the hundreds of steps in the office base to run up and down several times a day.

I found it relatively easy to get back into shape after my first child in my late twenties - but when I had the twins at 34 it was far harder to lose the weight particularly as my body had changed so much in the process - but then I didnt have a car so pushing a twin buggy everywhere helped.

Looking back this was the first time i experienced real weight gain that I struggled to lose and 16 years on Ive been on a weight rollercoaster ever since, not helped by my jobs getting more sedantry as the years went on and a minimum of an hours daily driving commute.

Because I have managed to do it and keep the weight off for at least 3 years twice before I know I can do it again with a tightly organised mixture of daily fitness and careful diet - but this time i dont want to ever go back round this awful cycle again as Im not getting any younger or healthier AND it gets harder each time.

I'd hate to think that this was me for good as Im about 3.5 stone overweight and was at my heaviest ever when i started this in earnest a couple of weeks ago after several failed attempts earlier this year.

I'd appreciate any help and support you can send my way as I feel like Im looking up at a huge mountain.

In return you can expect me to try to be as helpful and supportive as i possibly can be as i always find it easier to help others more than myself.

Thanks for reading x <3

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Bless you hun, lovely post. To read your honest and frank message is heartening to others ( like myself). We are all on here to get ourselves to a better place healthways and being positive with each other supports no end. That mountain will be climbed and you will run down the other side with us all with, behind and waiting for you at the bottom, depending on what leg of this journey we are at. Have a super week. 😊


Thanks Shellie much appreciated xxx

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Hi Lizbee,

Oh I can empathise with your post and can recognise some of my own problems with weight control. I piled on so much weight (3+ stone) when I retired when for the first time in my life I had time on my hands to do with as I pleased and no reason to get dressed smartly each day. After 18 months of steadily getting bigger and bigger I started the NHS 12 week diet last March and this week I reached my target weight and I've managed to shed all the 3+ stone I had gained.

My advice to you would be to be prepared to take things slow, don't worry if one week you only lose a pound or maybe don't lose at all, don't get despondent. Note down everything, I really do mean everything. I kept a record of everything I ate and the calorific value, on those days when it was difficult to stick to plan and I over ate I made a note of how I had felt that day and what had happened, I soon noticed a pattern that showed me whenever my plans or routine was disrupted I over ate, being equipped with that self knowledge helped me keep control.

I wish you well and look forward to reading your success story over the coming weeks. Good luck.


Hey Liz....welcome...this is the most supportive place.....post and reply to posts and you'll make the lifestyle changes that you're aiming for😄


Metabolic syndrome is chronic, and manageable if we control the causes.


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