Night time munching😟

I have a major problem with night time eating. Irrespective of what I've ate through the day there's rarely a night goes by the kitchen cupboards get left alone. I usually no what I've ate because of the mess I leave behind, crumbs, dishes etc. Subconsiously I must no it's wrong as I try and hide I've been eating. Dishes get found in the tumble dryer etc. My poor husband would appreciate a good nights sleep😴. How crazy is this?😭😡


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7 Replies

  • Wow, how awful for you! So you don't even know you're doing's like sleep eating? long has this been going on for? ....must be so difficult for you and your husband to get your heads round. Have you spoken to your GP?

  • Hi, I've don't no a time when I haven't done it. When were away from home we have to make sure there is something I can eat or I will go hunting for something. We rarely have unhealthy things in the house as I will eat them. After saying that healthy food is not healthy if you eat to much of it. I really should mention it to my doctor but I feel so crazy doing it I've never told her. My husband just excepts it. But he does get annoyed and quite rightly so when I'm munching on bed....

  • Hi, have you considered hypnosis?

  • Hi, not for this but I have tried hypnosis before without success.

  • How weird, I was just reading about this last night - it is a real thing. I assume you don't know you're doing it so you do need to see your GP. I think there is help available.

    Such a shame to be ruining all your good work during the day.

    If the GP won't help you may need to lock the cupboards and fridge when you go to bed!

    Hope you get it sorted :)

  • Hi I have never mentioned it to my doctor as I feel crazy saying about it. I did once put a damp cloth at the kitchen door which worked for a couple of nights then I started stepping over it. I usually have a good idea what I've eaten by the mess I've left behind me....

  • Hiya hun, what a dilemma!! This might sound daft, what about putting all food into 1 cupboard and locking it, hubby keeping hold of the key. Then having another cupboard that is full of seriously low calorie stuff, so that if you gourge then the calorie damage would be minimised. The fridge could have one of those kiddie lock things that are difficult to open, it may wake you trying to access it. Can the kitchen itself be locked off? again hubby keeping the key. These may be silly suggestions. I really feel for you and hope a solution can be found soonest. 😊

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