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Coming back Again!!!!!!!!

I am back again as from Saturday.I am 47 and have high blood pressure,border line diabetic and getting Very unfit ,to the point that I am getting very stressed about it all,not to be a moaning Minnie but everything about my life is out of control at moment so I need to take control and stopping my constant eating will be a good start.I am on my hol at moment but on Saturday I will have my first official weigh in and the beginning of the new me so I am need help PLEASE !!!!!!🙏

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hi Mandy...welcome back....enjoy the rest of your holiday and I look forward to your posts.😄


Hello and welcome back. To be honest this is not my first time returning. It's my 9th wedding anniversary today and I thought I was fat then! Today it's my goal just to return to that weight. Together we are stronger and I know we can do it xxx


Hi mandyflatt, welcome back. Come on in and take a pew, fancy a cuppa? Let's begin. You are not a moaning minnie, just dissatisfied with the certain things in your life at the minute. You are not out of control totally, not now, you took this step forward and logged on here - happy to meet you hun. If there is anything you need help with, myself and many others on here will do our best to be here for you. Start enjoying the journey, have fun and most importantly believe in yourself. 😊


What support would you like? The best pre-diabetes training I received included to keep daily carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (a portion contains 10g of carbohydrate diabetes.org.uk/documents/c... ), and have a balanced diet. Eating low Gi as advised by NICE will help to satisfy your appetite too glycemicindex.com .

Why not start to enjoy your new way of life whilst on holiday?

Good luck!


Thank you to you all,I feel that with your support I can do this, I cannot start now because meals are out of my hands till Friday night and I need to start with a new routine but the carb advice sounds good to me and I will definitely keep in touch with you all .Good luck with your journeys too👍


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