People have started noticing

Isn't it great when people start noticing and complimenting you?

Several people at work independently, noticed today ,and asked how I have done it.

I was this weight, this time last year, but I think I am smaller now, as this time I have been exercising, and the Walk at home Dvds with booster cables have definitely helped with toning up. My bingo wings have all but disappeared,and I am definitely more toned than I have been in years. I can't believe that 4 weeks doing 35 minutes a morning, approximately 4 times a week has made such a dramatic difference. I didn't measure before I started, and really regret not having done so.

It has been this forum that has made the difference, I have been inspired and challenged by others.

Thanks folks!

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12 Replies

  • That's fabulous! It is amazing how quickly the body adapts and reflects hard work. You should be very proud. :-)

  • Just goes to show what we can do when inspired to change😃

    Before joining this inspirational merry band all I did exercise wise was walk the dog and walked into town 2-3 days a week and that is about 3 miles.

    Now I do circuit class x3 a week, walk the dog, still walk to town or anywhere AND joined Ruth for her mad, bad,killer but fab( well will be ????) squat challenge and loving it all.

    Sometime we just need to connect with the right people and it just works 💋

    Have a fab week


  • Well done you. The squat challenge was a step too far for me 😛

  • Well done you. I dream of the day my bingo wings disappear ;)

    I really regret not measuring at the beginning too. I was too scared to even weigh myself for 2 weeks. Maybe, like me you didn't want to tempt fate.

    So pleased people are noticing your loss, what a great feeling:)

  • Hey 2fab....I'm so impressed...will up my exercise!

  • You see the power of the forum? ! That's just how I felt when others posted similar successes. Previously I thought that it wouldn't work for me... Now I see if I work I can get results. And if I can, anyone can!

    I AM SO DETERMINED TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF this time, exercise is the key. The beauty of what I am doing is that I can fit it in to just 35 minutes a day,at home.

  • Was it you who posted being able to do 30 squats whilst waiting for the kettle to that..think I'll take it up!

  • No twasnt me but it's a great idea! Maybe I should try it!

  • Hi Could you tell me name of your DVD's please. What are Booster Cables, would love to get rid of my bingo wings. Lol.

    Well done and stay focused.

    Hannah x

  • Walk at home with Leslie Sansone. Set available on eBay. The cables fit round shoes and are held in hands. It is very simple but effective if done regularly. The walks a different lengths I usually do the 2 mile but have done 3 miles on occasion.

    It's working for me. The cable's make it strength training whilst still doing the cardio

  • Cloud 9, somehow a lighter than air step, a certain spring to that step. Yep these are the well deserved feelings when others notice how much your dedication has paid off.

    Pat on the back 2b, chuffed for you. Oh, and thanks to you too as what we other posters give to you, you certainly give back to others. Mutual support is vital and it is given in bucketloads on this forum. 😊

  • Wow.. wonderful! Congrats and good luck. I haven't started exercising yet. Thought I'll take it slow ;)

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