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How much calories can salad have lol

How much calories can salad have lol

How surprised you get when you count how many kcal you put into salad ;) i've made one for few days- 1050 kcal! But not too bad per 100g- 125kcal. It's iceberg lettuce, plenty of tomato, cucumber, radish, spring onions. Added to it protein in feta cheese and naughty with few cruitons and 3 tablespoons of dressing. I'll be having it with roasted chicken breasts ;)

Today good so far. Scrambled egg with mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions and 3 rice cakes. Then a bit of crunchy oats with banana and natural yoghurt. Then 100g of my salad with 2 rice cakes and now minced turkey in tomato sauce with mushrooms&onions (meat to mushroom & onion ratio 1:1) and 150g of cooked pasta and stir fry vegetables. I'm not going hungry at all and I still have plenty for last meal (although I'll use 400 kcal so I'll come up to 1650kcal out of my 1800kcal goal. If I'm not hungry I won't be reaching 1800. I'll play by what o feel I need.

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Your salad looks delicious.

Lowcal :-)

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Agree on the cals in salad..such a revelation. Also veg in soups add up....but it helps me think carefully about the dressings more and the high cals in some carbs....like your goal of 1800, I'm trying 1600 now up from 1400....good luck😄 it's so much easier with food that looks and tStes good and calorific intake that's not a punishment!


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