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Starting my first week

Hi everyone,

I was looking on-line for dietary advice and stumbled across the 12-week plan, which led me here. I'm starting the plan today (putting things off never helped anybody!) and am just looking for a little general advice. I'm not having any craving issues yet as it's rather early but I'm expecting them, especially once I start exercising.

I started gaining weight when I was 21 as apparently my metabolism slowed down. No more teenage junk-food binges for me! I've figured out how to stop gaining weight so now I need to focus on losing what I gained.

My profile picture is of me and my husband at my mother-in-law's wedding. As you can see I'm not a huge girl but I am a size 12 and over my healthy weight. I thought it best to do this now before I got so big it would take me a long time to lose it all and cause me some serious health issues.

So my question is; when did people hit their hardest points? Was it during the first week or further on than that? And does anyone mind letting me know how much they lost the first time they completed the 12-week plan?

Thanks so much for your time. It's good to know there are some supportive communities out there.


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Hi BaileyC93!

Welcome to the group!

I was probably in a similar position to you when I started. I gained weight in my early twenties and wanted to do something before things got really out of hand. I found the first few weeks of the plan quite easy. For some reason I was more determined than I ever had been before and the big losses that you get in the first couple of weeks are really motivating. Life gets in the way though and I started to struggle around the halfway point. I think I lost about a stone and a half in the 12 weeks. Since then I have lost about another half a stone, but my weight has been at a plateau for a while now. But, I'm so much happier and fitter and nearly 2 stone lighter than I was in January when I started. I guarantee that if you manage to complete the plan you will feel healthier after the 12 weeks and certainly have lost a few pounds :)



I am a lot older than you, but also didn't have a huge amount to lose, but like you decided to take action as my weight was going up and I needed to reverse the trend.

I have just completed week 6 and have lost 5.2 kg (about 12lb) so far. I am looking to lose at least 1.5 kg more, preferably 3.5kg.

This forum has made a huge difference and although I have lost the weight multiple times previously (Queen of yoyo!), this time I have exercised and toned and I feel so much more healthy. I gave up refined sugar, and although that is not a requirement of the 12 week plan, I feel so much better for it. I have more sustained energy , without highs and lows, my digestion works better,( less bloating). I haven't craved anything, and my skin has cleared.

I haven't found it difficult and have had a steady, slow loss... very sustainable as there are no banned foods as such, so long as you count the calories.

Myfitnesspal is a great app that helps balance your diet and totals up the calories. even has a barcode scanner, dead easy to use.

Good luck and enjoy the compliments when they start coming....


Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the great work!


Hey Bailey, have a look at the couch to 5K programme to as this might be the best way to look at a lifetime plan...welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of encouragement and support here. 😄


Hi BaileyC93, I seem to be working through your posts backwards! I also didn't 'look' overweight when I started the 12 week plan, but I was in fact very close to 'obese' on the BMI scale. I was kidding myself I could still fit into some of my size 12 clothes, but was actually mostly wearing 14s and didn't fit into my size 14 jeans, and could not bear to admit I needed size 16 jeans. I lost 19lbs from 12st1 to 10st10 and have continued to lose a bit more since too, and am definitely back into size 12s now (although not quite into jeans yet, but will be soon :) ). I did couch to 5k first, followed by the 12 week plan, but some people do both at the same time. I really recommend doing couch to 5k. They have a great forum on here too.

I found the hardest thing was social pressure when out with friends. It's part of my character to have loads to drink and be at the heart of the party. I found it hard to hold back, but I had medical reasons to cut down on alcohol too, so eventually I managed to get that under control, planning how much I would drink before I went out, having non-alcoholic drinks as well as alcoholic ones.

Any questions, hiccups, when something comes along that challenges you or trips you up, as you've been doing already, just post on here. And welcome :)


Hi Bailey, I'm only just starting on my first day but your post sounds similar to how I feel. I've downloaded MyFitnessPlan this morning so I've got a calorie counter on the go. Good luck with your journey and please keep us updated, I feel far more inspired and motivated reading everybody's posts!!


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