Calorie intake for your body

Calorie intake for your body

I think there is important thing to remember for everyone. We are all different and we need to adjust calorie income correctly to our own needs to lose weight safely. Nhs plan is very good. Although I wouldn't follow it blindly. For myself at this height and weight to maintain weight I would consume between 2000-2500 kcal a day depending on activity. To lose weight all I need to do is increase activity and cut about 200 kcal daily from the lowest range. Therefore I will start off with 1800 kcal not suggested 1400. The truth is- to continuously lose weight you'll have to cut down again at some point. Your body is adjusting quickly if it thinks you're starving it. It will slow down metabolism if you go too low and make it difficult. Once I started with below 1500 kcal and I was losing weight quickly but then it stopped and I had to cut and cut coming down to 1000 kcal. And as my metabolism slowed down I got myself in trap. Be aware if these traps. It's dangerous line that can end up with yo yo effect. Be smart about it. I will do 1800 kcal for start and then cut down according to my weight and needs. My friend is my weight but is 15cm shorter. Her max kcal income a day is less than my minimum. So for her at 162cm height 1500 kcal diet for start is good. We start it together but our needs are totally different. We have to do it safe to maintain weight later once we achieve the goal. Check what your body needs to maintain weight and then cut only 200 kcal and then revise after you've lost some weight. Once you achieve your goal build up calorie income very slowly. Also good tip is- surprise your body. Have a day you eat less and have a day you eat more (cheat day- but cheat with healthy stuff- add some extra healthy carbs that day!). It's for your body being unable to predict what you're going to do- do not allow it to "think" it's going to continuously get less than it needs- human body is amazing at adjusting to "trouble" times when less food is available.

Don't make a diet suffering- make it fun. You'd be surprised how much you can have on your plate once you know what you can eat in healthy way. And- remember about protein. None of my meals will go without good protein source. Chicken/turkey/eggs/lean beef are my favourite protein sources but fish is very very good (I just can't stand the fish so I will invest in omega tablets to build up what I'm missing by not eating healthy fish)

Good luck to you and good luck to me- good luck to us!

Breakfast time!

2 eggs

56g mushrooms

1 tomato

Spring onion

Spray light olive oil

Rice cakes


29carb/10fat/16protein/300 kcal

Glass of water before

And coffee with a bit of soya milk and sweetener after.


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15 Replies

  • I agree entirely! I've been on a lifetime of "crash diets" and have succeeded in doing nothing but literally doubling my body size!

    I do think you need to know yourself extremely well to know what calories you require to maintain, particularly as a lot of us have been overindulging for many years :)

    I think, for most of us, it will take a lot of trial and error, but starting with the maximum calorie allowance is not a bad way to go, as adjustments can, and should, be made constantly.

  • I suspect that the majority of us would be hard pushed to know the number of calories we require to maintain our body weight, particularly as we may have spent many years over-indulging :)

    I do, however, agree that consuming the maximum number possible to allow for a slow and steady weight loss is definitely the way to go. Years of "crash diets" have led to me doubling my body size!

    This is also going to vary from person to person and will probably require a lot of trial and error and many adjustments over the weeks/months/years of each weight loss journey.

    There is no "one size fits all" and we're each responsible for discovering what works best for us as individuals.

  • Sorry about the double up, I thought the first post hadn't worked, What a wally! :S

  • I have always said the same!! It took many years to put on the weight I now carry and even losing it at 1-2lb per week is actually a lot faster than it went on. I have stuck to appx. 1500kcals per day - but not rigidly. As long as I am losing with the odd week staying the same, I will continue to follow the calories I am on. When the time comes, I will reduce the calories slightly, but before I do I will up my exercise and see if that continues my downwards weight.

    I have always said food should be thoroughly enjoyed whether trying to lose weight, maintain or gain. Healthy eating should not be a chore, something to be endured until a goal weight is achieved. Food should be a pleasure for all, whether a social act of sharing or a lone plate of sustenance. Feed the eyes, the soul as well as the stomach - to eat is to live. Visa versa lies the problem.

    Your post is a wonderful affirmation of what can be achieved sensibly and so importantly, pleasurably. Lovely post. 😊

  • Hi, I started dieting last Wednesday and was surprised what calories I eat in a day. Ive found my calorie intake is lower than it should be yet I've still put weight on. I suffer with fibromyalgia and M.E so my mobility is poor. Obviously I'm going to have to think about my diet and whats good for me. Maybe if I got that sorted it might actually help my health. Not only weight loss but maybe my energy would improve. Here's hoping...

  • I was surprised of how many calories I had to take in if I've gained so much weight

  • Great post, I am trying to sort my calorie intake, at present I am eating 1300 and not losing weight. My fitness pal suggests I need 2000 calories to maintain my weight. I haven't been feeling well and I am starting to think I am eating too little, so I plan to eat 1700 and see what happens.

  • Can I just ask what is your weight and height? How long you've been on 1300 kcal? Do you eat little and often (and healthy)?

    I often use to figure out my needs (calculators)

  • I started on 1500, then dropped to 1400 and I have been on 1300 for over a month. I am 10 stone 7 and my height is 5' 3".

    Yes I eat a healthy diet, I have a green smoothie for breakfast, porridge. A snack of fruit and yogurt. Lunch is usually soup or a sandwich. Dinner would be mostly vegetables with some lean protein.

    I do occasionally have potatoes, rice or pasta. If want a treat it's usually 100 calorie biscuit or chocolate.

    I don't drink any alcohol, or soft drinks. Just tea or water.

  • Most importantly for the healthy weight loss is not only how much calories but also what is the source of those kcal.

  • Hi. I'm 5'7'' so not short but not tall either. I plan on sticking to the 1400kcal but could you recommend better? I haven't a clue how to figure it out!



  • Calorie cycling can help to sustain losing too. Google it! I have lower consumption some days which means I can plan to eat more if it is a celebration or meal out etc. Works for me and I am losing a little over 1lb a week

    Happy with that !

  • That's why I use cheat days each week. There will be day I eat less and day I eat more to cheat my metabolism so it can't adjust. After first 3 weeks I can adjust income to not to lose too much or too little ;)

  • Brilliant post...makes absolute sense. Will look at the bodybuilding calculator site next!

  • actually today i got only 1600kcal in but bearing in mind I had breakfast at 10am as my day off so had a bit of sleep (i love my dog for allowing me to sleep :))) haven't done much exercise but 3 hours walking should be enough for today's calorie income.... yeah... 3 hours walking and my dog is like "and what? that's it?!"... tomorrow I'm planning to do my protein pancakes for few days (when i have to leave at 6am i don't believe i will prepare myself food ;p ) and some chicken needs to go into the oven! Last day off and time to prepare myself for working week

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