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first day to-day

well I am 5ft 4in. weigh 12st 10lb and a waist of 41.5in and seriously need to loose weight. my bmi is 30.5. I am not very active. my calorie allowance says between 1450 to 1800. I thought I would start at 1500. any views on my calorie allowance. advice very welcome. I have underactive thyroid and also take medication which causes weight gain. and quite a few bone problems and fibromyalgia. I will give it my best shot. x

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Hi Dillydally,

Having just completed my first week, I am certainly no expert and I'm sure that many others with far more experience will offer you very helpful advice.

For me personally, I thought that my initial allowance of between 1800 and 2000 calories seemed extremely high, however, after heaps of good advice from other members, I realised that the calories can add up really quickly.

I decided that I'm in this for the long haul and having done very low cal "diets" in the past unsuccessfully, I would use the maximum of my calorie allowance as was comfortable to eat and decrease gradually as my BMI lowered. This did not include empty calories from junk food, but from good protein, veg, fruit and complex carbs. It must have been ok for me, cos I lost over 5lbs.

I hope this has helped you and sets you on the start of your journey.

I wish you all the best of luck.


hi moreless, thanks for your reply. just worked calorie allowance out again I am allowed up to 1846 so should I start with this. I too am in for the long term so this is good advice. well done on your loss of 5lb in your first week, WOW. x


Thank you, I must admit to being more than a little pleased :)

I think 1846 sounds like a much more reasonable starting place, but be aware it's all about trial and error. As time goes on, you'll get a feel for what's right for you.

We'll be able to follow each other's progress :)


Hi Dillydally, I am in week two and I started at pretty much the same place as you. Also 5'4" and started at 12st 9lbs. I want to really do this too..I am listening to all the other posters in the group and eating healthily. For me I was drinking one or two glasses of wine every evening with my dinner which I have now stopped and although feeling cold at times I am feeling good. Good luck this week....


thanks cherry-blossom. wishing you every success in your journey. x


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