Too fast?

Hi all, first time on here. I'm 20, female, and want to lose about 20kg. 5 days ago I gave up the junk food, logged calories, and started jogging again (have been twice).

I've weighed myself each morning, and have (steadily) gone from 82.3kg on the 9th to 80.3kg this morning. A loss of 2kg in five days seems unhealthily fast.

Now I'm not complaining- I'm desperate to lose weight. What's holding me back from doing a victory dance is the fact that I've read that this is an unhealthy amount to lose. I'm particularly concerned that my (large) breasts will feel the consequences.

Does anybody have any advice? Is this normal/ healthy for the first week eating well? I've been using mynetdiary and have logged around 1500kcal most days, most of it healthy (porridge, beans, veg etc.). Will this slow down in a week or what?

Any thoughts would be welcome!! Thanks :)

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  • You could eat a little more to slow the weight loss. No doubt your weight loss will slow soon; many people's problem is keeping the weight loss going :-) .

    Some of the initial weight loss is likely to be water.

    You may need to cut back further later, when you aren't carrying as much body weight (and consequently your body isn't doing as much work).

    Activity then becomes important in maintaining metabolism and lean body mass.

  • I wouldn't be too worried. A lot of people lose a lot of weight in the first week and then it slows down. If you do continue to lose that quickly reconsider things then. Another thing to consider is not weighing yourself every day, I personally struggle with this concept and I probably weigh myself to frequently as well. I have just noticed that my weight fluctuates so much there is not much benefit to doing it more than once or twice a week.

    Good luck and just make sure you are eating enough food that you aren't feeling hungry. You are also quite young which means you might need a bit more food then others.

    Well done on the weight lost so far x

  • Thank you both! I think I'll see how the next 10 days or so go and adjust if possible after that. I'll have to anyway, given that I have a holiday and then back to uni, but I want to sort my bad habits now.

    Concerned- thanks for the advice :) I'm working mostly on hammering out bad habits to begin with, but back at uni I should be jogging with a friend several times a week, so I'm going to build on that if possible.

    las2811- I think I'll adjust if I keep losing this much, but it seems unlikely? And thanks for the advice but I think personally I kind of need to weigh myself daily, for the reasons you've said. I've set up an excel worksheet mapping my progress (and with a 'control' of my planned minimum of 1kg a week) to keep me on track. I think if I were to weigh myself less regularly than a fluctuation would make me depressed, particularly if I wasn't losing this much. This way, in a month or so, I'll be able to reassure myself that a fluctuation doesn't mean failure. I'm also interest in how my period affects my weight! I'm slightly obsessive :P

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement! xx

  • how did you make your exel spreadsheet? id love to do one to track my weight loss!

  • Really sensible ....agree with concerned, if you up your calorie intake you'll find the balance your looking for....

  • Thanks :) I'm happy with more weight loss at the beginning, but if this continues I'll certainly up my intake.

  • Most people lose most in the first week and it does settle. One word of caution re planning g 1kg a week. My experience says that is achievable at first but as you get nearer to goal the loss slows. I aim/ expect 0.5 kg now which 1.1lbs. Anything over that is a bonus, but I am very close to goal now. I've seen a loss every week and I am happy!

  • I'm hoping for 1kg a week average for the next eight weeks, and my plan is to set a new target at that point. Since I've already lost 2kg in less than a week that gives me some leeway, and tbh I'd be happy with less. In eight weeks though I'm hoping to be about a third through (of weight loss, not necessarily time)- do you think hoping for 1kg per week average until then would be unreasonable?

  • It's good to have goals but I would caution on making them too tight , when people here have not hit targets they express disappointment in themselves.

    You have got off to a great start. All the best with it

  • Agreed. Most learning comes from missing the mark, adjusting then giving it another go.

  • Hi Escape,

    Personally I don't think that your initial loss is anything to worry about. Most people lose quite a bit when first starting out, especially if they are making quite a change to their eating habits - and as people have said, some of it will be water. I went to a Slimming World class once where someone lost 1 stone in their first week ! (They did go from takeaways everyday to healthy eating everyday!). You might find the first 2/3 weeks are quite good losses.

    Just be prepared for it slowing down !!

    Like you I also weigh myself everyday - keeping track on an excel sheet - it does allow me to see normal fluctuations, and then I stress less if I see a 'blip' for a day or two. I think whatever works best for people is fine.

    Good luck with it :-)

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