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God morning all 😊

Today is the end of my first week on the 12 week plan. I've always managed to lose a couple of stone in weight but never my last stone. I sit comfortably at that weight for a year and then it all creeps back on again. Damn it! I'm determined to do it this time and love reading the posts on here. I would like some of your ideas for snacks please. I'm not a lover of fruit (prefer veggies and salad) but I have been having a couple of pieces of fruit a day. Sometimes though fruit doesn't cut it and I feel I need a different kind of snack. My other 'go tos ' are a little almond butter on ryvita thins or a weight watchers bakewell slice at 80 cals. Any other faves anyone can share please? I suppose really I should be trying to cut out snacking altogether! One step at a time though!


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  • I absolutely thrive on my snacks, couldn't do without them. They're also a good way of making sure you have healthy things like fruit, nuts etc. I've posted recipes for sugar free apple flapjacks and sugar free banana cake which come to 140cal/ slice. I keep them in the freezer and take 1 out everyday to have with my afternoon coffee. Other favourite snacks are raisins, small amounts of very dark choc, eat natural (the smaller bars that you get in multipacks) or nak'd raw cocoa bars, and especially bananas, really great for extra energy between meals. Also, start investigating herbal teas. Liquorice tea is naturally sweet, also someone on here recommended buttermint tea which I'm really into now too.

  • Thank you x some great ideas so will start compiling a list of snacks to try. I like the idea of freezing portions. Will definatetly look for the recipes you've shared.

  • The apple flapjacks are really easy, look for an older post I wrote about being dairy/wheat free. The banana cake one is more recent. Also Eatwell recently posted a recipe link for banana oat cookies, I think it was on someone else's post though, maybe Mrs Booboo's? Look back through the forum for other people's posts about snack ideas too :) Lots of snack fiends on here! :)

  • Some good suggestions here Ruth...thank you

  • Crisp carrot sticks with humus is great- filling and healthy in a way that means I rarely regret snacking on them. I find it helps to peel them at the start of the day, or at the time, since limp carrot sticks are awful.

    Sometimes something like a tiny bit of peanut butter on a rice cake is also worth it.

    I try and only snack when I'm hungry so the foods above help me, because they're filling and give slow release carbs- and don't make me feel toooo guilty. One of my favourite guilty snacks is halloumi, but for obvious reasons I try to keep that for when I really need it!

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