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Crazy clothing sizes!

I went food shopping and found a pair of jeans on a sale rail in the supermarket. Reduced to £7,...do love a bargain . The size 12 jeans I was wearing were definitely baggy, no harm in trying them on .... They fit and the label? Size6 !!!

That's crazy! How can anyone above goal weight be a size 6, least of all a woman in her late 50's.

Hubby's verdict "I want a wife not a waif" (very droll!)

I am sure the sizing must be out but I will wear my size 6 jeans with pride and possibly a little smirk!

And I will press on to lose the last few lbs...

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Haha that's just ridiculous isn't it? But you know what, it gives you a boost so no harm in that. I had a similar experience though less extreme where the shorts I wanted to buy in my usual size 14 were much too loose so I had to buy the 12s thiugh I knew I wasn't really a 12. Different shops also vary, e.g. marks and Spencer's clothes are cut quite generously. Looks like you're very near your goal weight, well done !


You're doing well, I'm size 12 in everything now except jeans. Really looking forward to finally trying on jeans and being able to get them in a 12. Dropping from a 12 to a 6 is a big leap though, where they just very generously cut or were they perhaps American sizing? E.g. In Gap I think 6 is the same as a 12?


Tesco uk 6! I think the 12's were a small 12 (more like a 10-and are baggy - most of my trousers are 10 or even an 8). My last new pair were a M and S size 8

These must be a big 6 ( more like an 8)

My tops are 12 though...



Ah okay. I'm the other way round. My waist and upper body has reduced a lot, but my hips remain stubbornly in the size 14 bracket. You must feel pleased to be wearing these small sizes now. I'm so pleased to be where I am now, having started at size 16 and being so unhappy with how I looked. It feels like fine tuning from here onwards :)

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Well done you. Yes feels great. Am wearing new Size6 jeans an size 12 top now and feeling trim!. Got a couple more lbs to go and then try to keep exercising to tone up . As you say fine tuning... then got to maintain it....

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Congratulations on your weight loss and enjoy your jeans!

The article below is about sizing in Canada but the general theme applies all over I've found. Men's sizing is far more sensible - simple inches and cm.



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