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Day 7 ... Who knew?

Who knew that I would be still here after 7 days? - ive surprised myself this time.

Im still feeling positive. I put on a blouse this morning that id mentally discarded because it was getting too snug over the stomach area and was pleased to find its now back to its original fit. I've had a theory for a while that clothes left in the wardrobe for some time shrink.....:) Well that can't be true, this blouse is almost looser than it was when I bought it!

The weekend is always my families takeaway/ general "eat-in" time, so I will have to be extra vigilant. However, my "excuse" - as if I need one! - for not throwing myself head first into a pizza/chinese/ McDonald's or whatever is that im doing it for them. THEYRE the ones who will have to push my bulk around in a wheelchair if my hip doesn't get better due to too much weight on it. People dont get it tho do they ? They're like " come on- a little bit won't hurt you !"

But it does- its the little bits that eventually knock you off the programme altogether. How do others cope with families kindly efforts to tempt you into " just a small slice of cake" etc...

My resolve is good. I WILL SURVIVE !

Good luck all x

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Hi Libby,

Fantastic that you are still here after 7 days, that's great, and especially good to hear your blouse is fitting so much better now. Shows you've made a really good start! :-)

I definitely relate to the challenges of trying to cope with the kindly relatives or friends who say 'Just one more bit of cake' or 'Just a small slice' - when you're not in the mood for cake. But seriously, the more they hear you stick to your resolve - i.e. sticking to what 'you' feel comfortable accepting or declining, then more they will hopefully respect you for it.

I often just use a bit of a broken record technique in those situations - i.e. politely saying 'That cake looks lovely, but I won't have any, as I'm cutting down on sweet foods' (or whatever reason I have at the time) - or similar words. If they pursue it, I end up saying something like 'I don't mean to be rude, but I really don't want to have any cake. But thanks for offering it to me, it does look delicious." - The firmness in the voice at that point is usually sufficient to stop them from pursuing it further. Firm and polite, is my hope in this situation.

Sometimes, I have planned that I will accept something, but I ensure that they give me the portion size I can accept, and then it isn't a problem, as I feel more in control of the situation, and more able to accept, because I've chosen to do so.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Lowcal :-)


So agree Libby...our bestest friends are also our temptresses or sabortours! I think that's why I post so much on the forum...not judged, judging or hopefully tempting others into poor choices. Keep on keeping on Libby😄

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About takeaways.   Our Saturday tradition used to be a lovely Chinese takeaway.  (Or similar). Yumm.  But for a long time now it has been something similar from M&S or a supermarket.  Check out the various ranges.  They all do things like 'HealthyOptions' or Be Good to Yourself'.  Usually those ranges have just as many choices as the standard ones but vastly lower calories, fat etc.  I first started this when my OH was diagnosed diabetic, so started checking sugar and fat in everything.  


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