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how to measure Calories

Hi Fellow Forum members,

Can someone suggest a easy to go website or app, which tells me the amount of calories in each food item.

Some of the items I am searching in google, not sure if it the right and precise numbers for example.

my morning food so far

1. 1 cup of tea with milk (with 2 tbsp sugar) -- ??

2. 4 almonds -- ??

3. 2 biscuits -- 47 cals each , so 94 cals.

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This site has a calorie counter which I used for a week then I thought I would see what all the fuss was about with the my fitness pal app and I must say it's excellent for calorie counting but totally addictive. I love that you can scan the barcode then just put in how much of it you have had. Well worth downloading.


When I first used myfitness pal it made me think about food too much...over that now. Know what you mean about cups....for instance a cup of garlic! How to loose friends and not influence people in just one curry! ....but if you keep looking there have been several contributors putting in different measures...from gups to gms

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I use both myfitnesspal and fitbit, and you can adjust measurement used for each item on both...I tend to adjust each meaurement to 1g per portion then adjust how many portions I have. So, for example, the peas I had for dinner today. A 1gram serving = 1calorie. I had 50 servings (ie 50grams)

I have just bought an set of digital kitchen scales and can now weigh every morsel!!


I use HSK (Health Sidekick) Has a barcode scanner which I love, if the foods not in there you can scan the bar and code and add it in yourself which is really helpful. Plus you can make a recipe from their recipe section and add it right to your daily log from there") I downloaded their app from the app store to my iPhone:)

Best of luck to you:)


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