Week 36

Hi everyone, I have lost 2 lbs this week which brings my total percentage of weight lost to 30 % today yeah :-) well chuffed with that and now weigh 168 lbs. Only a pound away from breaking into the 11's so the goal I set myself of two wks seems even more realistic now :-)

Calories have been on point this week apart from having two glasses of wine yesterday. Exercise wise I have smashed it this week with the running -

The only day off I have had was Wednesday with just a 2 mile run

3 x 5k Sunday Monday Tuesday

6 x 1 hour brisk walks Sat through to Friday, missed Wed

1 x 5k run Thursday

1 x 6k run Friday ( Ruth I did it again :-) )

Since missing out on running because of my knee injury I have really got back into my running and have loved every bit of it as you can see. Running fills me with energy and I just love it so much. Wasn't a runner before this journey began, but I sure am now and my legs are benefiting and looking a lot better now. I can see that this is where the weight is currently coming off.

I have received a lot of compliments at work and a few stares and the best compliment I have received is wow you look beautiful :-) aww how sweet is that. Such a great motivator. sueper I only have 15 lbs to go for the Christmas challenge woohoo

Have a wonderful week everyone :-)

Trafford1 x


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36 Replies

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  • Yay you did 6k again! I'm psyching myself up to go for a 6k run right now. Better get going I guess!

    Glad your knee's fixed, and really good news on 2lb loss, 30% total weight loss so far, and amazing compliments too! Great motivation to keep going. You must be so happy. Have an excellent week :)

  • Thanks Ruth so happy to have been able to run this week. I've not stopped and definitely feeling it now, but still up for more in the coming week. My goal this week is to lose a pound at least. Hope you have enjoyed your 6k run today and and happy running for the rest of the week hun :-)

    Traff x

  • Hi Traff! Week 36 A W E S O M E ! ! !

    Amazing to see you killing the exercise and getting so much from it.

    Did you ever think this would be you as you started? I know its really surprised me.

    I'm feeling frustrated as I had a long day at work yesterday and I'm working today and then have family commitments so no running unless I brave the weather this evening. I'm also missing a weekend away with the cycling club. Pants! Cycling Club! Listen to me!

    Love reading you posts - see you on the road sometime!

  • Run in the rain tonight Andrew! It's an amazing feeling, you won't regret it :)

  • Hi Andrew and thank you so much. I never would have thought at the beginning of this journey that I would be able to achieve so much athletically, but found myself pushing for something new every single week on this journey and here I am today running all week long.

    Don't let work get in your way of running, I work five days a week and as tiring as it is I just do my runs first thing in the morning which gives me a burst of energy throughout the day and walk rain or shine after my evening meal. Brave the rain unless it's really coming down LOL. I want to find a cycling club it sounds great!

    Hope you have a great week Andrew :-)

    Traff x

  • Hey Trafford...How wonderful, you're so in the zone! 30% body fat just burnt off with fabulous exercise. Inspirational as ever......I'll expect to see the pic of the sparkly dress for Christmas posted soon. Many hugs you marvellous role model.

  • That's so nice Portlandprincess thank you, em me and a sparkly dresses don't go together, don't like sparkles, but will defo have a nice fitted dress on and one that will blow many away :-) I am meeting my sister & sisters friends in two weeks time who I've not seen since Feb when I had lost 20 lbs so when they see me at the bridle shop they will be amazed so I'm looking forward to that and I am planning on wearing something special and doing my hair. So I have two weeks to get as trim as I can for this special day.

    Will be posting a pic soon enough. I did post one at week 28, but was too shy and took it down now confident enough to post one very soon.

    Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful week hun :-)

    Traff x

  • You're goin be a knock out!....already are!

  • Your so sweet hun :-) x

  • Wow fantastic xxx well done you sound so happy which is what it's all about. Keep up the great work hon xxx

  • Hi dawncoates34, thank you. Loving the journey and very happy chick :-)

    Trafford x

  • Wow! 30% is amazing :) Looks like the Christmas challenge will be a walk in the park.

    I had takeaway pizza Thursday (the first time this year) to celebrate my stepson's 16th. That and the cheesecake has done some damage :( But I am not put off, sometimes you have to live a little.

    You are doing fab with your running and so great that you are getting lots of compliments :)

    Keep up the good work and have a great weekend :)

  • Hi sueper thank you so much. 30 % now woohoo I'm delighted with this and the next goal % wise is 35 then onto 40 can't wait.

    You do have to live a little and treat yourself every now and again. I'm all for a treat and know that I have to work that bit harder to work in the extra calories. So say I was to have a day when I am due to do 500 cals through exercise I will just go for a 1000 calorie workout and spread this over the day. I am having some pizza later with the kids so will workout more today to compensate and first thing in the morning and then straight back to my normal eating plan.

    I am glad I only have 15 lbs to go till the Christmas challenge ends and will do my very best to achieve this goal as I don't like to reach a goal I have set for myself. I am sure you will get back on track very soon and the next time you have a nice treat just add in a little more exercise or have a lower calorie day following, there are plenty of tweaks you can apply to your journey sueper good luck hun :-)

    Have a lovely weekend and week that follows

    Traff x

  • Thanks Trafford :) I have had a nice walk today and plan another one tomorrow. I missed out a bit on walking this week but did play some tennis and going swimming again this week. I do notice the difference weightloss wise if I don't walk as much. I did still manage nearly 10 miles this week - 10 miles a week is now my unofficial weekly walking target :)

    Just imagine how great we'll both feel being another stone lighter by Christmas (I am hoping for a bit more) but 5 stones in 10 months will be excellent!

    Have a great weekend and no doubt catch up with you next week :)

  • Hay sueper, glad to hear you had a lovely walk today and that you played some tennis and went swimming, these are two activities I haven't added to my workout, but can't wait to include. I only want to attend women's only swimming and just discovered this only takes place once a week at the local pool so will work toward this in the near future. I don't like busy pools so that's my reason for avoiding them but really love swimming. Never played tennis so this will be on my addenda.

    It will be massive for both of us to reach our goal by Christmas and I am excited for you and I in reaching the goals that have been set hun.

    Good luck to both of us in reaching our targets :-)

    Have a great week chicken x

    Traff :-)

  • Hi Traff, I see you mention ladies only swimming but have you checked out if they do an adults gentle swim (it is mixed). My local pool does it 2 evenings a week from 8 - 10pm. From about 9pm there were about 5 people in the pool including me and my hubby. It is a bit late I know but if it's only once a week maybe something you can try. Might be worth checking out :)

    You may need a new cossie though - mine was too big, hurrah!


  • Hi sueper, I know about adults only I am just self conscious I like it to be with just ladies not the gents, but I get what you mean the pool when I have passed to go in the gym is rather empty with a handful of adults so could venture in there at some point. I already have a smaller cossie which I couldn't fit into before so I wonder if it fits me now. I will try it on and see. Thank you sueper :-) and good going with your cossie you know you are doing really well when Lycra becomes to big. That happen to me in a pair of Lycra leggings couldn't keep em up if I tried LOL :-)

    Traff x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Well there's just no stopping you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, fantastic result.

    Take and bask in all the compliments you have earned them, have you started thinking about your 'victory outfit' when you reach your goal?

    Here's to another great week and them bloody squats !! Did mine this morning as cooking bacon stotties for husband, well it took my mind off the bacon lol.


  • Hi flossie, thank you so much :-) Not though of a victory outfit, but can see myself in a nice tight dress to show off my new figure with a lovely pair of heals. My journey does not end until Jan 4th 2016 which will be one year from the date I started my journey, however I am excited about Christmas and getting dressed up for the first time in my life and looking good for once.

    It's great that you did your squats whilst making bacon for your husband. I don't know how you resisted. Bacon is one of my all time favourite foods YUMMY!

    Have a great week flossie :-)

    Traff x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    How are the sexy specs? Hope you are happy with them.

    Enjoy looking for your dress and killer shoes , and a nice bit of bling ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’

    2016 is going to be a good year I can feel in my bones lol

    ๐Ÿ˜‡ x

  • Hi flossie, lovin the specs and they look so nice everyone keeps saying I look like my niece who also wears glasses and is well skinny so that's a good comp.... :-)

    So looking forward to finding that perfect dress and shoes to match and will be blinging in my near future and have my nails done.

    The futures bright, the futures orange LOL

    2016 is going to be my year to live a normal life although I do feel normal now :-) ( no more cardi's ) ( no more back rolls ) It's all good!!

    New sophisticated me here I come Monday ...

  • :D

  • Thank you Golli :-)

  • Amazing and well done. Such an inspiration to those of us at the start of our journeys x

  • Thank you PlumpDevon-Dumpling :-) It's so amazing to have gotten this far on my journey and I am pleased to hear that my journey can inspire those who are just starting theirs. It has all been well worth it and I am so glad I found the nhs 12 wk plan as it has changed my life forever and will change yours too hun.

    Keep going and good luck with your journey :-)

    Traff x

  • Nearly 1/3 of you gone, pooff, disappeared- how wonderful your mind and body must feel with this awesome achievement. I am sure too, that your post has boosted others on here as it has myself. Amazing how good it can make one feel even when the success isn't their own. Really chuffed for you hun ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi ShellieL, thank you hun for your continued support. I do feel awesome and I always hope my posts give others a boost and show that it can be done even after 36 weeks I'm still hear and have no plans of going anywhere. This forum really gives me and extra boost each week and is a great motivator for me and I am so glad I found this site.

    Have a wonderful week ShellieL :-)

    Traff x

  • You have done amazing, I'm sure you will easily do your 15 lbs.

    Go Trafford go !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Jo, thank you and I hope I manage to reach my Christmas goal of 15 lbs hun :-)

    Traff x

  • You will you are on a roll :)

    Enjoy rest of weekend

  • 30% weight loss!! That's is so amazing and inspirational. Definitely makes me want to keep going, even when it start getting harder!

  • Hi nickynoo77 thank you hun, the journey gets easier and easier the longer you stick with it. All the changes you put in place now become routine and you'll find yourself wanting to do more and more. Keep changing it up every week and ensure you have variety in your food choices. Always go that bit further and set yourself goals and once you reach that goal go beyond it the next time. When you hit a wall keep going and tell yourself 'I can' I never have one week that's the same and I push myself further every single week and it seems to give me that extra drive to do even better.

    Traff x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    I always love reading your posts, they are so full of positivity and it is really great to hear you've acheived 30% total weight loss. Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, and being so close to the 11's - you'll be there very soon!

    Great that you have enjoyed all that exercise too - and especially the 6K run on Friday. Fantastic that you had the compliment "Wow, you look beautiful" - that is a fantastic compliment to receive, hence I'm echoing it back to you, just so you can enjoy it again. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far, and wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and how sweet that you have echoed the compliment right back to me today that makes me feel so special and I am very touched, thank you.

    It really warms my heart to know I have your support on my journey and gods grace to let me have found such a wonderful place to visit and receive such support on my journey. Your words of encouragement have always been so welcoming and encouraging and I am really thank full.

    I don't like to take anything for granted and that is why I always strive to be the best I can be now and do the best every single day and push that bit further on my journey.

    Wishing you a great weekend too Lowcal and a wonderful week ahead :-)

    Good luck for Monday hun x

    Traff :-)

  • You are doing SO well !!! Congrats

  • Thank you so much Mello17 :-)

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