Cheerleading !!!!!!!

Cheerleading !!!!!!!

It's been a funny old week, time for reflection and making plans for the future. Reading some of the posts this week have really hit home and made me think about how and what I want the future to look like. I'm sorry if I ramble but it has been a bit of a week.

I have been to the hospital this week and discovered after lots of toing and froing that I have a tumour returned, and even though I know it will be dealt with, second time lucky, it can be knocked on the head !!!!! it has made me think of all the things that are important in my life. so I made a list of everything I have to be grateful for. My lovely family ,friends and others that I care about. I looked at my list of positives and thought the other thing I needed to add was keeping up my weight loss and getting healthy again. OMG I am actually thinking about myself for a change, feels a bit selfish still though!!!!!!!!

When first was told my initial reaction was to go and eat something very bad and completely inappropriate. Of course the chips and sausage tasted horrible and still I ate, madness you might think, if it taste disgusting why carry on!!!!!! After a bit of a cry and some ice cream, ok a whole tub and feeling quite sick I did stop, thank heavens !!!!! Prior to starting the change for life I would have eaten far far more, I realised that I have always ate to fill the emotional hole. Instead of talking things through I eat for comfort. Even though this is not a revelation really, I think I have tried to ignore that nagging no-all voice in my head(Dave, it's my Bert!!!!!!) I have got to a place in my life where I am going to take note.(that would be a first, I am not known for listening or doing what I am told, my mother used to say stubborn, of course she was definitely wrong lol)

I have decided that I am going to keep on with my plan and step it up a gear. I have challenged myself to more cycle rides and walks. I know some of you do lots of exercise and I am in awe of all your great works but I know I have got to be the best I can within my constraints.

After reading Dave's post the other day I promised him a picture in my cheerleading dress (SEE BELOW) I have decided this is going to symbolise my way forward, so for all of you having a struggle or not sure what to do to move forward give a big cheer and promise yourself that you are worth everything and deserve to loss weight and be healthy.

Remember the chant I AM WORTH IT !!!!!!

PS thanks DAVE and SHELLIE for your inspirational posts this week and thanks to all the great people posting it has really helped me to stick to just one evening of gluttony and leave it at that :):):)


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34 Replies

  • Dear Jo...fab pic! Dave will love it! Wow, what a week.....don't know what to say other than I'm so sorry that the blighter has come back for a revisit. But your in fighting mode and the little blighter doesn't stand a chance. Love and hugs x so right. Time to think of you friend always says'look after you' when ever we part....always thought it sounded odd but here goes...Jo look after you....makes sense 😉

  • Thanks you are so right. The cheering starts here. Don't forget I've my fab at 50 to come. So full steam ahead.Go Go 50 woo hoo :) x

  • Hey Jo, we're here for the ups and downs!.....maybe the right anonymous forum when things get tough...x

  • Think that is very true. Thanks for every thing :)

  • Great post Jo, very inspiring too, particularly love your cute cheerleader costume, I see you're sporting the current fashion for crop tops :) I'm so impressed at your positive attitude (despite a brief diversion via chips-sausage-and-ice-cream land). Feeling in control of our weight, health, fitness etc is really important. We can't necessarily fix stuff by changing our diets but we can definitely improve our chances of recovery. Hope you get yourself in the very best position to deal with the returned tumour. I look forward to hearing more about your cycling, first it'll be 10 miles, next thing it'll be 100miles like AndrewLeon :) Keep reminding yourself about all the positives on your list, it sounds like you've definitely got a lot of positives right now.

  • Thanks, there's no point in fretting I know it sounds twee but hey bring it on.

    Been out on bike today cycled for 5 miles. Sunday I'm starting my 7 mile week. Now I have a lovely gel seat very comfy it's a breeze.

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings :)

  • I was out on my bike today too. Excellent day for it. Happy to listen to the ramblings of anyone who'll listen to mine when I need it :)

  • ):):

  • JO, JO, JO, JO................I have read through your post some of it twice to make certain I was reading the right thing..........YOU MY LOVELY WOMAN are an inspiration to me let alone how many others (I just wish I had read your post BEFORE eating that scone!!)....oh well what's done is done.

    I am sorry to hear your news of course I am and I like many others don't want to fill the page with platitudes but we will all be with you all along the way and I for one will make a much better fist of getting healthier - in other words no matter what ails us, we are all in this together......

    Keep us the ramblings cos I think they are lovely....

    Speak soon and take care

    Love Mary xxxxx

  • Hi Mary, Thanks bless you it will be fine. Must not eat so much ice cream again though, felt like a bloated kipper afterwards lol

    Hope you are feeling as bit better. Have they given you New date for hospital yet ?

    What's one scone between friends !!!!!!!!!

    Speak soon and take care

    Love Jo xx:)

  • How about whipped double cream instead of ice cream? No sugar, more satisfying so you won't need as much.

  • I think I will give it a go, sounds yummy but must not put our with it, I will stick with sugar free jelly, that's my usually tipple lol

  • sugar free jelly - I had forgotten all about that - it's on my shopping list as well as frozen yoghurt - much less fattening than ice cream.....!!!! so they said on the TV last night.

    Take care xxxxxxx :) :) :)

  • It's delicious when it is partially set, mix in some quark, stir together and let set. Quite like a mousse very yummy


  • Hay Jo, sorry to hear of this news, very sad. I feel you and I support you hun. Such an inspiring post and good to hear that you are back on track with your journey and are not giving up on you. Stay strong and you will win the fight and yes, you are worth it hun x lot's of hugs & x's and best of luck

  • Thanks I really appreciate your support.

    Got loads to do in the coming months so hey ho just got to crack on. No option on losing OMG I've got my cycle challenge and fab at 50 to come , starting the chant GO GO GO !!!!!!!! Xxx

  • Hi Jo,

    Sorry to hear your news, it's easy to say 'stay positive' when it not you going through stuff but do 💋{{{{hug}}}}, as you say you are worth it !!!

    On a lighter not, love your cheerleader, I think you should have it as your photo lol

    I can identify using food to regulate emotions, wether happy or sad and it takes some time to change that. I do like your thinking that you do the best you can within your own limits and even more so now. I always say slow and steady wins the race and you are in for the great finish. Yes it may take you on a more scenic route but you will get there💐

    It is not being selfish to put ourselves first sometimes, I think we just loose the knack of doing it.Maybe you need to remind yourself every day that the changes you are making are not just for you but all your nearest and dearest( they don't need to know)

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend and do something nice for yourself


    Take care


  • Bless you thanks for your lovely words I really appreciate them. You are so right how can we care for others if we don't care for ourselves.

    The weekend is full of family and a bit of cycling. Now I have my gel seat it's nots so painful lol :):)

  • Sorry about your news Jo, your positive attitude will help you as will your family and friends all this lovely support in this forum.

    I admire your determination to stay positive and focused and I am certain that everyone is wishing you all the strength you need to get through this next challenge x

  • Thanks I really appreciate your kind words. I am a cantankerous old mare so bring on the challenge !!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  • I see you have gone for the crop top look, exposing that sexy belly button of yours - very fetching! :)

    I think we often forget to really just stop and listen and think about why we do things and whats motivating us to do them.

    Sometimes we think that just putting our heads down and gritting our teeth will get us where we need to be but it won't. If we are going to change our lifestyle and how we approach food it means we have to change ourselves as well.

    Good on you for going a bit of a journey and thinking in a deeper way about what you need to do to address your issues.

    And no I don't know why we keep eating when the taste is no longer as satisfying *points to empty crisps packet from a few days ago*!

    I am so glad you posted and feel lucky to be able to watch your progress and share your journey :)


  • Thanks, still working on your chant. I'm glad you could see my best side in the picture. I'm going for athletic glamour lol.

    Journey still underway and that's a good thing.

    Just contemplating going for a walk in the dark and torrential rain, that's right it is only the early morning here and no Sun coming boo hoo.

    X :)

  • Hi Jo,

    I would definitely like to join your cheerleading group, and such a lovely outfit - 'athletic glamour' sounds really good!

    I am sorry to hear you've had such an emotionally challenging week, and thank you for sharing your feelings about that. It's good to hear you're going forward with determination, courage and strength, as those qualities will no doubt help you cope.

    I am wondering if you decided to go for that walk you mentioned in the dark and torrential rain, and I really hope that the sun made an entrance for you and that you didn't get too wet! I also wish you the very best for your hospital treatment, and hope it all goes really well.

    You have a lot to look forward to and enjoy, including your Fab at 50, and so "GO GO GO" is chanted enthusiastically. Cheerleaders unite! We're behind you. :-)

    Hope you enjoy the weekend and that the weather improves for your cycling plans with your family.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Had a fantastic walk, yes even in the rain and dark. Decided against athletic glamour wear and went for huge and marquee like. Walking in the rain is lovely makes you feel fresh and clear headed.

    Tomorrow I will be out with my comfy gel seat rocking the country park near to me. Promised I will try to do 7 miles, hey ho will be knackered but I'm sure it will be worth the effort.

    Hope you have a fab weekend and many thanks foe encouraging words, they have really helped :)

  • Hi Jo, Thanks for posting and my thoughts are with you! We aren't great at addressing your feelings are we? Its something as a culture we don't place a high enough value on, but it makes all the difference in the world. This is why the forum works so well.

    Remember that every bit of exercise is a little victory. I could hardly manage a couple of miles on me bike a year ago. I just went walking. Started about last October. I got a fitness tracker and just tried to do 10 000 steps a day. I'm fortunate as I have very flexible (But sometimes very lonely) working patterns, so I can find time for a walk fairly easy. Thats all I did. I just walked. I did it on as many days as I could. I remember going of one walk in T5 at Heathrow between flights (for work!). I just gave my self a simple task of walking when I could. It wasn't always easy. The weather and work does get in the way but I got into the habit.

    Little victories. Every Day.

    Then I had to do some very uncomfortable facing up.

    Eating too much.

    Drinking far too much.

    Thinking I deserved it.

    Being way way way too big and accepting it.

    Accepting the deterioration of my physical condition.

    Then I had to do something about it.

    Little Victories & Learning Every Day!

    Good luck to you! Keep Posting!

  • Thanks you are so right.

    I love little victories and learning everyday that absolutely sums it up.

    Hope you have we a good weekend.

    Ps I will be out cycling tomorrow ( don't think it's a fad any more, love it)

  • So Jo -how are things going .... I don't input as much as I should but thinking of you and hope you are doing well in all ways. Be good to know.

    As for me, lost 2 lbs over the last few weeks but I have to admit I haven't been that good - still trying though.

    Take care and good luck

    Mary xxxx

  • Morning Mary , that's great, you are obviously doing a good job if you have lost 2 lbs. Well done:)

    Have you heard about another date for your operation? Or is the blinking surgeon still quite busy lol !!!!!!!!!!

    Hope your dad is ok and every thing going well there.

    Got on the scales this morning and over last 2 weeks have managed to lose another 3 lbs so happy with that. I was in Edinburgh last week to see a friend who is not well, and managed quite a few hours of walking up and down the cobbles of Edinburgh so that was good.

    I'm going in Friday for my operation, then onwards and upwards to radiotherapy, so should be good to get it all over and done with. My second daughter is having her graduation ceremony on 12 October so need to fit and fab for that !!!!!

    Back at work today, but hey ho life happens I suppose it's all good lol.

    I hope you are taking good care of yourself and an thinking of you.

    Love Jo xxx:):)

  • Hi Jo - been looking for your recent post but haven't found it yet! Anyway just letting you know that I am thinking of you and wondering how you are doing on all fronts. As for me - good days and bad ones - but good ones taking over slowly......Just had my half an apple (the doggies had a quarter each of the other half!)..and still thinking of what to have next as the binmen are coming tomorrow and its either me or the bin!!!

    Be good to hear from you when you can......

    All the very best

    Love Mary xxxx

  • Hi Mary,

    I've been in and out of hospital over last few weeks started radio therapy and still got a bit more to go. Stuck to diet as and when I can. Some good days and some appalling days, but hey still losing a bit of weight.

    It sounds like you are doing really well, keep up with the apples,hope life a bit easier than it has been. Have you had a new date for your opinion yet?

    Hope to hear from you soon


    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo - Really good to hear from you and happy that you are sticking to the diet inspite of everything going on around you......Hope the treatment is not making you feel too unwell - but at least you are still losing weight.

    No nothing yet from doctor's about the operation but on the upside, got a new keep fit machine from one of those advertising companies - it is extremely easy to look at!!!

    I will let you know how easy or not it is to use in the near future - can't leave it too long without trying as getting on a bit now so time running out............see there it goes!

    Take care Jo and please let me know how you are doing if and when you can.

    All the very best in good wishes and hugs

    Mary xx

  • Bless you many thanks for your kind words.

    Fitness machine sounds very interesting, I say give it a go, what's the worst thing that can happen, you might even like it lol.:)

    Treatment not to bad just a bit sore, still managing to do most things like work and stuff with family. One of my daughter's is graduating on Monday so looking forward to seeing her at her ceremony. It is in Cambridge so should be a good but long day.

    I am supposed to be doing my cycle ride at weekend, joining my eldest daughter in her 100 mile cycle for Charity. Luckily only going to do 10 miles with her. Not sure how it will go but going to give it my best shot.

    I am glad you sound really positive.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Big hugs and best wishes

    Jo xxx:)

  • Oh Jo....good luck on the bicycle's not the miles that really matter is's the very thought of trying to do it. Have a great graduating proud mums day at Cambridge....and possibly a small cake to celebrate....Yes do. AND VERY GOOD LUCK IF ONLY FOR DOING A MILE......

    I would like to contribute please if you let me have an email address I can pay through was at this time last year that I lost my lovely cousin...I fostered her for two years when she ran away from home so more like a second mum really....we have always been close...she was only 56 just you see I have a vested interest too.

    As for the machine very comfy to sit in and very good to's just the getting up and down with the old knees...I have to roll over to get up......feeling like a beached whale.

    Keep it coming and take care and email

    If know. And please send an address. And goodnight.......and lots of hugs and love xxxxx

  • Hope very much the bike ride went well for you and your daughter John........and not that I need to say it, but have a great time tomorrow ...xxxxx

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