I weighed myself for the first time since starting to count 11 days ago....

I've lost 3.5lbs!!!!

I must admit I was a bit disappointed at first. These 11 days of dieting has been hard and I was dreaming of losing loads. Dreaming being the operative word!

So I did some sums....3.5 lbs in 11 days is equal to a 3rd of a lb every day. If I lost that everyday that equals 109.5 lbs in a year.....or 7.8 stones!!!

Now it's obvious that I'm not going to be able to keep that speed up, and I'd probably be miserable if I even tried, but it did highlight to me that I had actually done pretty well - well enough for me to want to keep going, so that a good sign!!!

Next weigh-in is in 2 weeks time. Fingers crossed I can do as well next time!


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18 Replies

  • What have you found hard about 'dieting'? Is there a way to make it easier?

  • I have spent *years* basically poisoning my own body with fat, sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours.....so I suppose you could say that I'm making lifestyle changes rather than dieting - and yes, that is hard!!

    I need to re-learn how to eat a sensible diet, how to cook balanced meals and how to make good choices.....I'm on a long road and I have only just taken my first few steps.

    Maybe the 'journey' has to be hard. But if you, or anyone else know of a way to make it easier, don't keep it to yourself, eh?

  • Wow, wonderful! So pleased for you...and love the maths! Concerns reply is really interesting as when you analyse this you might be surprised ....I thought it was hard cos I wasn't drinking...missed the wine. But since I've been developing this healthy lifestyle, I'm sleeping so much better...what's you trigger

  • My trigger....what ever I fancied at the moment!!

    Basically it's pure greed!!!

  • You're being hard on yourself; some of it is likely to be the food that you eat messes with your hormones making you hungry.

    Making it easier is not a secret; enjoy what you eat, eating satisfying foods instead of foods that stimulate your appetite. As doctors declared in the media recently, a healthy, higher-fat Mediterranean eating plan.

  • Yes, i suppose that food manufacturers tricks could have had a hand in it.....but at the same time I'm an intellegent adult. I knew when I was stuffing myself with crisps and chocolate and pies or pastries that I wasn't doing myself any favours.

    I have spent too many years making excuses. It's time to face up to the fact that I got myself to the state I'm in now and I'm going to have to work damn hard to get rid of the excess lbs!

    Don't get me wrong - I will undoubtedly have days when I really just don't want to do this anymore, where I don't want to count the nutritional value of every morsel that passes my lips. I will search for excuses when this happens...but I think the biggest change I have made to date is to know that I CAN do that, but only occasionally, and I'm gonna have to pay for it in the long run!

    I've tried dieting for years, but never had any success. I'm guessing I'm not alone on that front, but this time it feels different. This time my frame of mind has changed. The way I look at food has changed, so I honestly think this is my chance to do it......and I'm damn sure I will do it!!!

  • Go girl that's a fantastic start !!!!!!!

    Every pound gone will make you feel so much better. have an amazing week :)

  • Well done :) The fact that you want to keep going is a bonus.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Fantastic! Well done. Keep going, every lb counts and they soon add up 😃

  • Congrats, 3.5lb at your first weigh-in is ace. That means you're losing at around a rate of 2lb/week, and the recommended rate for weight loss is 1-2lb/week, so you're bang on the money. Your 2-weekly weigh-ins sound very sensible, should be long enough to make sure you see a good change each time. Lots of luck for keeping on following the plan, keeping on making those small lifestyle choices one thing at a time, and keep asking us if you need any advice/help/support/cheerleading, anything really :)

  • Sounds like you're moving in the right direction and I applaud your discipline for not weighing yourself earlier :)

    3.5 lbs is fantastic and you SHOULD be pleased with that. I found portion size to be the hardest for me and you have to be careful of not letting yourself get too HALT - Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

    But congrats thats awesome!

    And I assume your circumference has now gone from 12 feet to 11.8 feet?! ;)

  • Lol Dave!

    I reckon my circumference may have shrunk a little!

    I love your HALT....all triggers to wobbles!

    As for weighing in every other week? I knew that I would be tempted to jump on them every day, which would lead to my getting de-motivated.....So I threw them away! I can now only weigh myself at my dad's, and I can only do that every other week because he has a better social life than me!!!!

  • I think I have under-estimated the importance of a support network to do this - I may not know your real-life names, I may not know what you look like or where you live, but you are all part of my support network.

    So thank you guys!!!!

  • My tip would be to cook everything from fresh and avoid processed foods and sugar. I ve experimented with different cuisines and now eat food a lot spicier or with Japanese/Chinese flavours and sauces. The more flavoursome food is, the smaller portions I have. I also concentrate on portion size and if I make too much I save some for the next day rather than pile my plate up.

    I avoid bread, try and keep carbs down but will get carbs from porridge.

    Stir fries with various soy based sauces have been a revelation to,me. Protein (fish and chicken) and lots of veg with hardly any carbs. Delicious too..

    Working my 7 stone 8 lbs weight loss out over 63 weeks equates to near enough 1.7 lbs per week. It's not a race and you have to think long term.

    Brilliant start, keep it up and think lifetime changes rather than a targeted loss.

  • That's what I have been trying to do, so far. Chicken an or fish steamed or baked in their own justice juices using fresh veg and seasonings/spices and to have become my staple diet....but is actually quite satisfying!

    I can't get rid of bread though!!!! I love the stuff and tend to have a couple of slices a day. But it IS wholemeal!!!

    I'm not looking at portion sizes at the moment. According to the NHS choices website I should be eating between 1769 and 2274 calories, so I just pile on the veggies and tuck in!! So far, the most I've been able to eat is 1780 calories I'm usually a few hundred calories under......!?!

  • Sounds good. Portion size is important though and I actually leave food now if I'm full. Never done that in my life before and in fact always got annoyed when people left food especially if I'd cooked it.

    Don't know about calories per day as I've not followed that route. I've got used to want is good and what is not ad try my best to stick to it.

    Still love an occasional rare treat though. Last weekend went to a motor race and halfway through the day went to a van and had a big tray of chips with lots of salt and vinegar. Delicious.

    Still lost 5 lbs this week but don't know how. I'd remained about the same for the last few weeks then had the chips and a Greek meal out this week. Think it may have kickstarted my metabolism into burning more fat rather than hanging on to it.

  • There you go- works, doesn't it. Yes; calorie count, healthier choices and portion control (with the odd indulgence once in a while) BUT, for those of us with a long trek ahead, perseverance underpins the whole lot. Just hang on in there, NC - you can do it - as you already know! :D

  • I surprised myself!!!

    I reckon I could be here for the long term through - I don't feel like giving up!!

    If I can get to a stage where I can see a physical change, or feel my clothes are not tight anymore, then there will be no stopping me!!!

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