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so close yet so far

hey guys.

so where to start?i don't mean to bore anyone with all the details of my weight loss struggles with endless stories of my journey,eating up your homepage. Officially, i began this journey at around late February, after countless diets which turned out to be epic failures. However, towards the end of the second month of the year, i decide to put all the excuses aside, suck t up and go INN. Surprisingly this time it actually worked as i managed to stay completely disciplined and realistic with myself. before i knew it , the pounds started shedding off like nobody's business. four months passed by and i had lost a whooping 30 pounds. i hadn't been so proud of myself. i was actually losing weight. Under normal circumstances, such improvement is likely to motivate someone and boost their morale, but or me that's where i just stagnated. i'm not really sure what happened but it's like whatever it was that kept me gong psychologically just wasn't there anymore. it's like i stopped caring as much as i used to.

So June and July passed without any weight loss and me getting more and more frustrated by the day. i would end up making solemn promises to myself the night before about how the following day was going to be different.how my diet would be clean, etc.(but they always backfired) Come August,i began to regain my stability and lose another 5 pounds. my comeback was finally here! i couldn't have been happier.

However,since September started, i feel like nothing has been working out. i find myself beginning to binge days on end , and then guilting myself as i lay in my bed each night. i don't think i've ever been this frustrated. what's happening to me? what happened to that determined consistent girl? i really don't want to go back t being overweight. i mean i have just 13 pounds left to reach my weight goal, so why is it becoming so hard to say no to that thick slice of cake or that pack of biscuits all of a sudden? what's worse is that i end u hating myself more each day.

please help guys. is there anyone out there who can relate to this? i feel like i am literally on the verge of giving up. is there any hope?

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I'm not sure what you're on the verge of giving up. Are you saying what you eat isn't enjoyable? If so, you aren't likely to stay with it are you?

Some people will probably tell you to have a small amount of what you fancy to stop you craving, and if you can do that infrequently then that may be okay. However, the only sure-fire way, particularly if you can't just eat that small amount, is to eat the good stuff that leaves you satisfied so you don't fancy the junk.

Good luck!


Perhaps you might want to think about your dreams...why you're doing this? You have done so well, but is it making any differnece to how you feel? Quality of the life you're living?....are you able to wear clothes that you've always wanted to? ...so many questions ...


I think we all can get a bit lost at time

that's why we all read posts

please don't give up

low cal and her team are always there for you

I also Neen to lose another stone at least

yesterday I told low cal I hate exercise

but I realised I really don't I enjoy my morning walk burning 300 cals

I was thinking of increasing it

so that's something I've learnt about my self

dig deep don't give up you have come so far

if I can do it you can too


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I've had a look back at your previous posts and you are 17/18, is that right? You also say your starting weight was 65kg, which makes me concerned that you may be very very slim now, not overweight at all. At your age, there are so many better things you could be doing apart from worrying about trying to lose a few pounds. Instead, it would be good to look at what's causing the binges, and try to remove those triggers? I think they're the real problem here, not any need to lose further weight. In 10 or 20 years time you'll look back at pictures of yourself now, and you'll realise how slim you were. Don't waste the chance to be young and happy. I'm sure lots of other people on here will agree. Take care :)


Sounds really tough :0( but look how far you've come already. I sometimes tend to sabotage myself when the end is in sight.. You have what it takes, you've already done the really hard work. Maybe there is something about reaching your goal weight that's stopping you?


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