Day 6 !!

I read somewhere that the first 3 days of a diet is the worst, and after 25 days, it gets easier because it becomes a habit. If so, im already into the "under 20 days to go" before this becomes a habit for me. Im still walking the line here, and feeling positive about it.

Not so happy about physio however. Why would you have a physiotherapist UPSTAIRS ?? ... After scrambling painfully up to see her yesterday, she pulled and poked a bit, and looking very disgruntled said " well - you seem to be worse than last week!" ... Er yes...but whose fault is that? I said "well I havnt been dancing or anything !" .... "well, I don't know" she said, " there's nothing more I can do for you. Ill refer you to "somebody" should get a letter in 2 weeks." Two weeks!! Im in agony here !!!

So, this morning, ive made an appointment with an osteopath. Its private, so costs, but meh! Who cares, if the pain stops for what would I worry about money ??

Thanking you all again for your support, and wishing everybody a brilliant day and weekend.x

.p.s. Being able to record how im doing and feeling each day is being a wonderful help for me, but could be quite boring for others, so please just scroll down from me if you don't want to read, apologies for being so insular xxx


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6 Replies

  • Well done on getting up the stairs! Are you getting any pain relief at least, to help you cope? I was being stubborn about putting loads of poison (painkillers) into my system some years back, and a physio said to me that sometimes they are a necessary evil to get you to a better place, and to give you a better quality of life. I was in a vicious circle, in pain so turned to food, comfort ate, got bigger, found it harder to move, got in more pain, etc. I swallowed the pills for a while and actually got to a reasonable place where I was able to go out for a walk most days, then I got hit with another bout of depression, hid away inside, got all unfit again and started piling weight on, got a slipped disc and couldn't get out of pain doing anything, even with more fed up, ate more...and here I am with a shedload of weight to lose. Well maybe not a shedload, I mean, how much does a shed weigh? lol! I do have 8-10 stone to lose. I need something like this forum to know that there are others who understand the struggle and it's very supportive here. It's here to help people so if you need to talk, please do. I went into myself and didn't talk to anyone, I would hardly go out anywhere, cut off all my friends because I was too embarrassed for them to see how big I got, etc etc. So please, if it helps you, keep talking...I come on here daily now I've found the forum. You're not alone!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Weight Warrior! Yes I do take pills. I've been on 4 x cocodamol and 2 ibuprofen for a while, but have had to increase to ,8 cocodamol a day. It helps, not eliminates, but actually I feel great on them. Apparently it can do that to people, some sleep, some become more alert, and that's me. That's the danger tho, feeling too good on them. Necessary evil at the moment tho. Hopefully the osteopath will help and I can stop pill popping :D

  • Hey Libby, I saw an osteopath...for six weeks...brilliant. For neck. Was very gentle. So good luck and wish you well. 😄

  • Oh and posting is such a good way of keeping self in the zone...have a look at Trafford 1 profile threads. Scroll down to inspirational stories and look at page 4 on the power of this kind of forum....the whole thread is worth a read....I have mentioned it before but to know there's research behind the success of forums is good to know.....😉

  • So keep posting....😉

  • If no one posted then it would be pretty darn boring now wouldn't it?

    That physio sounds like a cow - you would be much better off to see someone else!

    And yes they say 21 - 30 days for a habit to change. Unfortunately cravings don't disappear quite so quickly BUT getting into a routine of healthy eating, planning meals, having a plan b all helps.

    Sorry to hear about your injury - I have a recurring knee problem that today is worse than usual - and I haven't exercised on it for 3 days - grrr. :)

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