1st weigh in tomorrow.....but why am I so nervous!!!!

I started counting calories 11 days ago, and I plan to weigh myself for the first time tomorrow, but I'm starting to feel really really nervous!!

I've done everything 'right' : I've been a about 100 calories under my max calorie allowance (using the nhs bmi calculator) on most days. I am drinking loads of water, eating lots of fruit, veg, chicken and fish, but allowed myself occasional treats.

The pain in my back that I would feel if standing or walking for more than 10 minutes is getting better...I managed to walk a mile and a half today. Doesn't sound like much, but to me? That's an achievement!!

Logic tells me that I *must* have lost a little at least.......So why am I getting myself worked up about it?!?!

Will report back tomorrow with my weight - good or bad!!!


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11 Replies

  • Simple - because it means a lot to you! Lots of luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on :)

  • Hi, it sounds like you have been doing really well this week so I hope you will be rewarded with a nice loss tomorrow morning.

    Good luck :)

  • What ever happens when you do weigh in you've done well. You've begun to changeyourlifestyle. I think that you will be pleased with the result and if you are like me as the kg drop off ou will start to get excited about each weigh in. Good luck.

  • I'm on week 35 of my journey and still get nervous to this very day. It's natural hun :-)

    Good luck at your weigh in hun x

  • Good luck, hope all goes well :)

  • You have made a good start. I struggled to walk a mile and a half just over a year ago but by gradually increasing distance, speed and seeking out hills to make it tougher I joined a gym but this was after 5 months of walking further and faster. After increasing my fitness in the gym I then began a high intensity workout at home, 4 times a week including interval and weight training. Saves me the cost of the gym and more effective for me I believe.

    With regards to your weigh in, I am a little bit obsessed with the weighing scales and get weighed at least once a day, more often twice a day, at night and first thing in the morning. I know lots of people will say this is crazy but it works for me.

    I don't worry about the nighttime weigh in but like to see the difference by the morning when I take more notice of this one.

    If I have gained any weight I do not let it dishearten me, it focuses and motivates me to try harder to get rid of any weight gains. It has worked and is still working for me having now lost over 7 1/2 stones. Like you I would be worrying about what the scales will show if I had to leave it a week or more between weigh ins.

    This is purely my story. It works for me but may not work or be advisable for everyone.

    You also have to accept that weight can vary on a daily basis but overall I feel I get a good picture doing it my way. my daughter said she read that people who weigh themselves daily are more effective when it comes to weight loss but no idea of the source of this.

  • Good luck with the weigh in NiCherry - I'm sure you will be fine. I'm very impressed that you've managed to hold off for 11 days to weigh yourself - I wouldn't have the willpower :-)

    Like Andy, I weigh myself everyday. I've tried the whole waiting a week thing, but just can't do it ! I do find that by weighing everyday, I do become aware more of the daily fluctuations in weight, and hopefully I'm a little less worried if I appear to have put on a small amount, or not lost for a couple of days - because I know that there will be a bigger loss round the corner (hopefully !!). I also hope that I might spot if I don't seem to be losing at all and make some adjustments fairly quickly - rather than just get disheartened at the end of the week.

    Of course, it's up to you how you go about it - no one way is best, but just to say that if you worry about the whole weigh in thing, perhaps consider weighing more often if it helps ?

  • Sorry - did also mean to add to don't forget that weight isn't everything either. I know that some people have said that even though they didn't lose weight that week, they have lots cms round the waist, clothes fit better etc. Just knowing that you've been eating better, exercising more etc is a huge boost !

  • Hey, you've describe so many indicators of success already...hope the scales follow suit! Let us know!😀

  • Thanks for all of your support guys!

    I'm please to report that I have lost 3.5 lbs and an mentally dancing a jig!!!!

  • Yay well done xx

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