1st wobble

Morning all I had my 1st wobble last night, was craving something naughty not sure what but just bad food. My husband (who's not on a diet) want to go for chocolate but I stopped him, he found a stray bar in the back of the fridge. Anyway after the usual frantic search for something to take away the urge I settled for bananas and custard, just one banana and a small pot of custard it did the trick. Does anyone have any snack advice I am fed up of fruit and yogurt not to find an alternative?


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15 Replies

  • How do you feel about dark chocolate? I sometimes have 2 squares of dark choc with a few raisins as a post dinner afters. ShellieL posted a low calorie cheesecake recently made with cottage cheese. There are things like options hot chocolate sachets etc too, might be worth investigating. There have also been a few banana based recipes on here. One where you mix bananas and oats to make cookies, you can add optional chocolate chips. Another where you mix banana and egg to make a pancake. Also pancakes are quite low cal. I sometimes make an oatflour pancake with tiny broken up bits of dark choc and sliced banana inside, which doesn't come to too much cals and definitely feels like a treat. Lastly how about peanut butter on rice cakes? Or you can even buy chocolate coated rice cakes. I'm sure others will post ideas too. You learn to collect these ideas, they're lifesavers!

  • A banana and a small custard pot sounds like a decent option by the way, considering your resources and needing to act in the moment. Congrats for beating that craving :)

  • My after dinner snack is always a kit kat :-)

    Other snack ideas - Laughing Cow mini craving cheeses - they take so long to get into, any urge to snack passes ! Spread on Finn Crisp rye toasts are quite nice, and low cal.

    I had a snack urge yesterday afternoon and settled on an apple sliced up, with each slice spread with a bit of no sugar peanut butter.

    Hartleys 10 cal jellies are also lovely - my fridge is always full of them :-)

  • I like cottage cheese with a spinkle of sunflower seeds and a few raisins. Chocolate options I have to tell myself enough is enough. I use them like a full stop...you did really well to stay away from the choc! The freezer is a good place to keep any goodies...takes time to defrost and it's out of sight!

  • I like Finn crisp spread with a bit of Sweet Freedom choc shot, at 14 cals a teaspoon, it does the trick for me.

    It is a bit pricey, I got mine from Holland and Barrett but lasts for ages and does give a dark choc hit.

    Really nice on a banana as well


  • Snacks may indicate your metabolism is out of whack. If we eat too frequently, especially foods that spike insulin, when are we able to burn the fat for fuel?

    That said, it depends what you're lacking that necessitates replenishment; small banana or 5 dried apricots (preservative-free) for lack of glycogen, nuts or cheese for protein with fat for example, just watch the portion sizes.

  • Hi Lizzibeth, I do try to have a healthy selection of fruit on hand but for those time when I'm really craving I have mini packs of raisins (41 Cala) popcorn (@ 80 cals) Curley whirly / figure of fudge (@ 115 cals. )

    The banana and custard sounds lovely though 😋


  • Try and just have your meals. People snack because they are hungry and remember, it's normal to feel hungry for a while before a meal.

    One thing I've found is that I'm looking forward to meal times because I'm not snacking I.e. Now (4.15pm) I feel a bit hungry, I'll have dinner at 5.30 tonight so I'm going to have a glass of water and keep myself busy until then.

    It's been a while since I sat at the table and thought "I'm ready for this" because previously I might have snacked.

    Night time is the worst but make a good supper. I like mug shots and a slice of whole meal bread. Syn free on slimming world (the mug shot is) and some really tasty flavours.

  • Evenings are the only time I do snack, when I'm sat doing nothing it's not that I'm hungry just bored. Now there is no treats in the house I will soon stop looking.

  • Hi Lizzibeth!!

    There is nothing wrong with banana and custard - sound quite good to me!!

    I have heard ( and since trying in know it to be true) that thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, so when you get a bit of a snack-attack, teeth a good long glass of water first!

    One little trick my mum showed me was to keep a small amount of good quality dark chocolate (I assume it works well milk and white choc to?), broken in to small pieces in the freezer. When you get an urge, just pop a small sliver on your toungue and allow it to melt. It takes care of your craving and didn't waste precious calories!!!

    As your title says, this is your FIRST wobble. There will be more, but just remember, it's not the end of the world and you can always climb back on to the right track!!

    Good luck!

  • Hi there. This may be true about the thirst, I know I am not drinking enough I think this may be the cause of my headaches too.

  • Dehydration does cause headaches.....!

    I bought a few bottles of water that fit in my bag, and just refill them.

    I found that the more water I drank, the more I wanted. I now have between 1.5 - 2 litres a day!

  • I'm a big advocate of a spoon of peanut butter straight from the tub. I use the type made of 100% peanuts. Quite calorie dense but filling and full of good fats.

  • I'm still sucking my fruity tic tacs of an evening, and a tesco water biscuit with cottage cheese is about 50 cals if you feel the need to chew. I get 4 tic tacs out the pack with my cup of tea and I suck those babies for all they are worth lol - keeps the taste buds happy, keeps the mouth occupied and they're about 2-3 cals each. It's doing the trick for me. I also have low cal ice pops in the freezer, about 17 cals and much better than a big bowl of ice cream or some similar calorific substance! It really helps if the rest of the family are eating crisps, I have a water biscuit with cottage cheese...if they are eating sweets/choc, I have tic tacs and/or ice lolly and don't feel left out. I know my hubby's never going to change from eating rubbish snacks, so I have to develop tactics (or tictacs lol!!) to "cope" because I've always been an eater through and through.

  • I love any seafood as a snack, prawns, cockles, mussels are my favorites. Jellied eels are great too. I prefer the prawns in their shells.

    Not to everyone's liking though :)

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