's a new day, it's a new dawn (Nina Simone)

Well, my DJ in my head was playing loud and clear this morning as I put in the extra snacks that I'd not planned for into myfitnesspal. Went into the red.

I keep saying that I'm a techno phobe...and it does take me time to get my head around things,, this myfitnesspal is just so brilliant...for a start it forgives you everyday, with a new start. I love that! It holds you to account in a good way by telling you your on a winning streak. The winning streak is not about coming in sight of the calorie intake, it's for logging on everyday. Not sure if I believe the exercise calculation, but it give me a smile. So for something that's free, it's quite brilliant. And so sorry to all you wonderful forum told me, did I listen? No, but I'm listening now. Thank you for your wise counsel.

So this is a new day, a new dawn, a new life for me.....and I'm feeling good! (Big band!)


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  • Myfitnesspal is really great, isn't it? Have a great day & good luck with the rest of your week! :)

  • Thanks you, you too!

  • I've been over everyday this week! Like 1447 or 1426 instead of 1400. So much for being extra determined to shift the lbs! But would I have kept calorie counting this long if it wasn't so easy to just enter it on my mfp app? I'm not sure I would. So am happy with this. I'm also glad mfp wipes the slate clean everyday, although you can always scroll back through your history :)

  • Thank ruth, Yep, just found that too....I'm really surprised at myself that I didn't listen at the beginning to people all seemed a bit of a faff, but it's's easy. I'm a convert now..

    Good luck this week...perhaps your body needs the extra with all the running? Just been on the couch to 5 K forum and there's a chap there whose lost 10K but 8 inches on his two years...I'm here for the 'long run' no pun intended!

  • I don't know how many inches I lost on my waist doing c25k as I didn't measure it at the start but it was definitely a fair few, my skirts got very loose round my waist very quickly! Lots of c25k folk see changes in their waist more than in their weight.

    Re going over cals, I do use a fair bit running, but as a naturally active person I think my body's well adapted, so I need to avoid the trap of thinking I can eat the cals I burned through exercising... It simply wouldn't work for me!

  • Same here! Despite being unhealthily over weight, I've always walked for miles....

    I managed to put a dress on with labels still attached...I bought it knowing I'll get into in a few weeks. Well I put on a stone and a year went by!

    But I'm in it now! Yeah!

  • Yay! At least you had the confidence in yourself that you would eventually fit into it, even if it did take a bit longer. Something similar has happened with the 'healthy' ingredients in my food cupboard, which I bought prior to the 12 week plan with the same sort of good intentions. Languishing packs of lentils, barley and various herbs and spices are finally getting finished and now in need of replacing. It's all getting a bit more real now :)

  • Languishing packs of love it!.....unconscious cous cous.....bone idle beans....

  • It is surprising how many people who are overweight think they are unfit too, automatic assumption by many slender people. I too have always walked a lot, and yes the weight has certainly put strain on my joints and fitness levels, but I can leave many slim colleagues standing when I have to tear up 6 flights of stairs, through corridors and back down the other side to catch an 'escapee', then coax them back the same way. I admit it feels like I will expire and am looking forward to the day I don't feel like I will drop dead on the spot. My cholesterol levels are perfect, as are my blood pressure and blood sugar levels, always have been. Again many slender friends are struggling with cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. I have them all checked as well as other things every 4 months. So it doesn't always mean just because you are fat you are unfit inside, or fit inside if you are slim.

    You are doing just fine hun, trying to be happy and healthy inside and out. Congratulations on the dress fitting too! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you Shellie, you're always so kind and supportive on this forum!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Mmmm - I love Nina Simone :-) (I'm warbling that line in my head now !)

    Well done with discovering myfitnesspal - great isn't it :-) The best bit when is when start putting your measurements / weight into it and can see the graph heading downwards. My husband always laughs when he sees it because you can see the blip when I went away for a few days and it shot back up again !!

  • Hi Lucca, I've only put the waist and weight in so far...was a bit shocked when I measured my waist from the belly button...remember the thread? it was almost the same as my hips! I must be brave and do!

  • I only ever do the weight - I can never consistently measure the same 'bit' of me each time :-D

  • Decided that my smallest part of torso is my waist! Couldn't put 45 inches in! Aggghhhhh.

  • That'll soon disappear :-)

  • Too blinking right!

  • Hi PortlandPrincess

    I really like that App it's really great to monitor your calories and well done you for getting used to it!!

    You keep up the good work your doing really well.

  • Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ am lovin it!

  • Little Victories! Every Day!

  • Too true!

  • Upandattem, PP! Yes, I agree; the exercise calorie burn on MFP is very generous indeed. Love Nina Simone, too :D

  • I'm trying not to eat the extra from my walks! That's perhaps the proviso!

  • Totally agree, it's a great app, even managed to use it offline at Greenbelt Festival as long as I knew calorie levels of the food I ate. Also love the song, always gets me into the zone.

    Starting afresh each day is a great way, learning from our mistakes but not dragged down by them๐Ÿ˜„

  • On ward and upwards....๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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