Reasons to be cheerful part 1,2, 3. Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Claire's poston motivational music helped me to write this...sounds like a confession. My inner voice often sings to me. When I looked in the fridge last night I heard...'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' U2

Jumping on the scales this morning I heard....reasons to be cheerful....1 2. 3

Another pound gone , shed , never to return! thats eight pounds burnt off through healthy eating and excercising ...and most importantly your wonderful support and encouragement ...I cannot thank you enough. Youre really helping me remain focussed.

Trafford 1 posted 'inspirational stories' many moons ago....on page four there's a story about how online support for weight 'shedding' never say loss cos I ain't gonna find it again!....worth a read.


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31 Replies

  • Lol! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks in song sometimes. I drive my hubby and son mad with it. Sometimes they try to hold a conversation and I start singing at random intervals. Ah well, keeps things interesting eh? If I get any bursts of song today I'll try to remember them for posting here if they are relevant!

  • PS...Got side tracked and forgot to say...WELL DONE! :-D

  • Thank you x

  • Congrats on the 1lb loss PP :) def a reason to be cheerful. I often catch myself singing on my bike. For ages I had that 'winds of change' song going round and round, but think I've almost got rid of it now :)

  • Think these tunes are called ear worms....went to Disney with my children and had's a small world after all ringing in my ears for months...oh no it's back😉

  • Winds of change is back now too. Oh well 😐

  • Lol! Did you happen to read the post about the lady who was having trouble with ahem...potent gases, shall we say? Maybe that inspired the song Winds of Change!

  • Er no... must have missed that one... but thanks for helping me push that song back to the back of my mind again - it's definitely lost some of its appeal now!

  • Glad I could help out - lol!

  • Ooh, I'm not the crackers one on here then, lol. I often seem to have songs/lyrics pop into my head at different times/in different situations. Not always appropriately either, hehehe. Whatever the reason or situation, it lifts your spirits bigtime. 😊

  • Mama, mama, we're all crazy now! Slade😉

  • Lol! I'm going slightly finally happened....I'm slightly maaaad! (Queen)

  • Hi PP,

    "Congratulations and celebrations, I want the world to know how happy you can be." I'm afraid the song probably gives my age away big time, but the sentiments are the same. :)

    Well done you :)

  • thank you 😄 and no, music is timeless, but I'm not so sure about cliff Richard?.....😉

  • Ha ha, poor old Cliff! :)

  • Hi all. Good to know I am not the only one under the influence of music. I am trying to expand my 5 year old daughters taste in music. We have been having mini discos at home during the day in school holidays. Another good way to get moving 💃

  • Oh, I love that idea! We used to clean the house with the children to Bjork....'it's oh so quiet....until you fall in love....we used to dance on the settees and around the room....not much cleaning got done!

  • That sounds amazing. How about that Jamiroquai song with the slidy sofas for your next cleaning spree

  • Hats off to jamiroquai...good one Ruth!

  • How about 'another one bites the dust', or what was played at circuit class today, a 70's mix with ' ain't no bump no more with a big fat lady' no size dig intended to no one !!! Just a great tune.

    Well made me move a bit more lol


  • 70's yeah!...cannot resist dancing queen...ever!

  • Hi Portlandprincess :-) well done on shedding a pound this week YEAH :-) Thank you for the shout and yes it was many moons ago now, but to me it seems like just the other day. Looking back on my journey just now and can hardly believe what I achieved in such a short space of time. Shows I have my head screwed on ay :-) You sound just like me PP, full of energy, head filled with a song for any & everything and happy go lucky....hope I'm right hun :-)

    Love your energy I feel it in your posts. I can tell you are going to do so well on your journey already. My song is

    If the link doesn't come up then it's Beyonce get me bodied OMG what a tune. When I finish my journey I am going to do this dance

  • I'll join you but not in heels and definately with a sports bra!

  • Reading your posts Trafford it's a real complement that you can write this...thank you! However, I'm a smiley, full of energy morning person......drives some people bonkers!

  • and who runs the world GIRLS, which follows :-)

  • I'm forever humming some song or another although it sounds like you have your own DJ booth set up in your head :)

    Congrats on shedding another pound - go you!

  • Thanks Dave....slow but sure...I hope!

    And yep on the DJ!☺️

  • Haha! I'm a supermarket singer! Get some very strange looks :-/ x

  • Joy! How wonderful! Would love to be a witness😃

  • Sing? SING? Don't have a note in me. I go for the Mutter... ;) Well done with the blubberburn and high spirits, PP.

  • Walk this way this way.... You can do the rapping! Yeah!

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