Failed again!

Hi all,

well this time I am back on board, properly.

I have been dieting half heartedly for about a month and managed to put on 5lbs, I was expecting a stone to be honest. So yesterday I tried anything that I fancied and had heartburn all night. serves me right I know.

I am restarting at 15 stone and being positive about myself.

About to dust off my walking shoes, I know I can do it, I had lost 17lbs before my blip.

Nice to be back.


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14 Replies

  • And lovely to have you back....well Mello, we're all in this together...I have a similar excess of stored good luck and I'll look out for your posts!😄

  • Thank you for your reply, it's so hard starting again, seem to have lost my motivation, but thank for your support and encouragement. I won't let us down.

  • Good luck

  • Thanks

  • Hiya and welcome

    TIme to change what you are doing if its not working. Think about why you keep failing - whats are the triggers or keys that you can see that are causing you to fail. How do you fight them or address them?

    Have you used Myfitnesspal? Its fantastic, great way to log your food and count your calories and we all need to do that when we start - mainly because our understanding of the calorie density of food and our portion sizes has become distorted over time - which is why we put on the weight.

    Perhaps you can consider a fitness tracker like Fitbit. A few of us here have them and everyone seems to find them REALLY great for keeping us active through the day. When you are having your steps counted you just tend to find ways to do more so you can watch the steps go up! :)

    Plan, plan, plan. I can not emphasise this enough. No one is perfect, least of all me, and I know if my food is not planned and a backup plan in place I can easily fall into old traps and bad ways of eating. It happened only a couple days ago but this is about learning and refining.

    Commit to doing 30 days of exercise, at least 30 minutes a day. No excuses. Rain, hail, sickness - every day do 30 minutes. By the time you get to 30 days you will start to look forward to that endorphin rush and the way your head clears. ANd I know it works because August 2nd I was "Ugh I don't want to walk today!" and by Sept 2nd it was "Damn it how am I going to fit in an extra walk ! :( "

    Stay close and S.O.S. if you need help :D

  • Thanks Dave, you are truly inspirational.

    I was using mfp, but as my diet failed I couldn't bear to log my meals, in denial again I suppose. Now I am back on it and I have turned pacer back on.

    I suppose I could use stress as an excuse, but I only have myself to blame I need to be stronger with myself.

    You are now top of my s.o.s. list!

  • And I am happy to be there :) I know its hard to log all those mistakes and I certainly don't log my big ones very often but if we don't keep track of it how do we remember what has happened? In two weeks time I could very well think "Hmmm that blowout wasn't THAT bad was it - I am sure it wasn't"when in fact I had nearly 3000 extra calories in one day so ummm yeah it was that bad :)

    As long as you are trying and you get up one more time than you fall down thats all that matters - you can do this...I know it.

  • Thanks Dave

  • Welcome back Mello17. You've done it before, so you know how it works. But Dave's right about identifying triggers. If you know stressful stuff is coming up, how can you prepare yourself so that you'll get through it better? How can you de-stress yourself in a non-food way? Stock up on all the usual suspects - incense/scented candles, bath salts, some hobbies/projects that you do a little of each day after dinner instead of keeping on eating. Also, just call on us, anything you need extra motivation with. And definitely try to record everything. I sometimes even use the time it takes to enter stuff on mfp as a delay tactic to stop me going and getting an extra helping/unnecessary snack. Just need to find which strategies work best for you, and then keep doing them :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Yes I do know where I went wrong, I had a lot of family events in August, I fell off the wagon quite spectacularly! But didn't quite manage to get back on.

    My son has had to have an op this week, unfortunately for me he never worries about anything, so it left me getting very stressed on his behalf. (All ok now).

    Anyway no more excuses, I just keep thinking that I would have been at least a stone lighter and feeling good about myself. It my own fault and I am planning my meals again, using mfp and pacer for encouragement.

  • But WHY did you fall off the wagon? If it's easier to find comfort in food than in anything else, then we will turn to food in times of stress. It's really worth trying to find out why you respond in this way, and how to prevent it in future. I'm sorry to hear about your son's op and the other family issues. But remember your son and your family want you to be well and happy too. It's important to make sure you're looking after yourself amidst all the worry around you. Take care and good luck :)

  • Yes, I am now making myself the priority. Been for my walk and making separate lunches for my son and myself. I don't snack, I just have been getting my portions wrong, so it's back to my smaller dinner plate and better choices.

  • Hi Mello,

    Try to think of the positives. You're still 12lbs down on your start weight and you've had the guts to fess up and start again.

    You can do this! :)

  • Thanks, I'm more determined now.

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