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starting week 1

i am looking forward to starting this diet and getting a lot more exercise only thing is i have a toddler who i have all the time when not working so, gym is not really an option i was wondering if anyone has activities that they can do with or take their toddler to. i currently take him to a piloxing class when im able he sits no problem for the hour and i have heard of the park track which is turning a play park into an assault course for adults but dont know whither to give it a go or not as i don't want to look wierd.

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Hi Gemma, toddlers keep you very busy as I recall! When my babes were toddlers I took them to the gym crèche. Do they still do them...?

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Could you do the couch to 5k programme while pushing a pushchair? Also, if you look at the 'runengland' site, is there a mum's running group near you? Maybe search your local council's website for classes etc too. Also I found this on the NHS pages nhs.uk/change4life/Pages/lo... Hope you find something, and good luck with week 1 :)


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