Week 2

Ok so it's the end of week 1 and I had a couple of times when temptation was too much! Food just smells too good sometimes. However I am pleased to say that I still managed to lose 2 pounds which I am very pleased with and surprised about. Week 2 target is to start moving more so I've downloaded the change 4 life couch to 5k running app which was suggested on the NHS website. I decided to start tonight and although I feel good about the exercise and I know it is doing me good I never realised just how unfit I am! 60 seconds running sounds like nothing until you run it. However I have completed the first run and planned my other 2 for this week. I have also got some running partners to keep me motivated even more, they are a lot better than I am! I feel good that I have accomplished something and it has helped me to look forward to a thinner and fitter me. Although I am now tired after 30 minutes exercise I am looking forward to Thursday night for the next one!


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7 Replies

  • Good for you Jodie, 2lb loss and started the c25k - I'm impressed! :)

  • Wow Jodie...a girl with a plan! Two pounds have hit the dust too! You must be so pleased. Great to hear you have a few running buddies...always good to have some tough love encouragement if needed. Yeah! Go you!

  • Well done Jodie :-) I started C25K last week as well, and you will be surprised how quickly you start to pick up your fitness. Go for it :-)

  • Hi Jodie88, well done on losing 2 lbs this week and don't worry about feeling tired this happens to us all in the begging. It gets easier the fitter you become.

  • Hi Jodie88,

    Hi again, I responded to your other post early this morning, and now I've read this more detailed post, I realise that you literally meant you were 'running' into week 2 - that's fantastic to hear - I thought you had meant 'running' in a metaphorical sense, i.e. with enthusiasm to proceed!

    Great that you're enjoying the Couch to 5k - that should definitely help towards your weight loss and fitness levels. Fantastic!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done! I cannot consider doing running yet although I am walking pretty much every day. It will be interesting to see if this has a big effect on your weight. Keep going!

  • Good luck for getting through week 1 of couch to 5k! I hope your running friends have advised you about stretching and having water before/after each run. Even though it is just short 60 second runs at this stage, you are building up new running muscles now, and this may be a shock to your body! I still remember how stiff my body felt in week 1. But soon you'll get addicted :) Remember to measure your waist before and after too. My waist measurement changed a lot during c25k, which was really satisfying to see. Enjoy! :)

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