You guys are awesome!

Well after I had a nice little loss this week I decided to celebrate last night with a chocolate and some chips grrrr!

I managed to throw away half the chips but still ate the whole chocolate.

I woke up this morning (its about 6:30 a.m.right now here in sunny Oz) determined to not let it get me down - its one small slip in a week that has been 99% fantastic - but still and all it was hanging around me I have to admit.

And then I sat down with a cuppa and read through the Monday Weigh In post and other posts from this forum and just responding to others and reading about other people's victories and frustrations has helped me to stop focusing on my own silly stumble and put it in perspective.

And it also helped me step back and look at the triggers instead of just beating myself up.

Tuesday and Wednesday are my weekend and Monday night is when I seem to have the most trouble with cravings. Its because I feel entitled to celebrate the end of a week and my old self knows that means overeating.

So after I get back from holidays in a few weeks Monday nights become socialising nights and I will make myself go visit friends instead of sitting on the couch munching on rubbish!

I also love cooking and I have never taken a class so I am have started looking around for some classes starting October on a Monday night.

Good god - doing something at night time apart from watching TV. My brain may explode! :)

Its hard not to get down on yourself about having a slip up but all we can do is learn from it and figure out ways to make it harder to fall down next time :)

And if you all had not been brave enough and conscientious enough to post your results for the week and talk about what was hard and what was great I would never have actually gotten to the point of feeling positive and ready for a new week.

So thankyou all - without knowing it, you are helping someone half a world away just by talking about your week :)

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23 Replies

  • When Candystripe first started with us she was in Europe any country considered😉

  • Hi Dave, sometimes slipping a bit can help us focus more and see where we still need to make changes.

    I wonder if you'd have thrown half those chips away before you started this? Sometimes you just need a taste and then you can ditch the rest - I did the same on Saturday. But this is something probably neither of us could have done in the past. OK it's not perfect but it is still serious progress and that should be acknowledged :)

    A good plan to find a hobby or other distraction for when you get back from your holiday - it really is all about forward planning.

    I'm on holiday too in October - it will be a challenge.

    Happy hunting for your cookery class :)

  • Thats one thing that was a positive - I would never have thrown those chips away before and I was SO close to ditching half the chocolate. I could almost feel my willpower flexing and trying hard and being not quite strong enough (yet) to ditch the chips AND the chocolate :)

    But it will happen I know it - I can feel my willpower growing every day !

  • Maybe next time buy a smaller bar - you still have to live a little. I buy fun size bars - but these days I do have the willpower to eat only one, if you are not there yet then the whole packet might disappear.

    It is liberating knowing a little nibble of chocolate will suffice and you don't need a family size bar/bag :)

  • Hi Dave,

    I'm sorry I don't have the experience of mishaps on this site, but I have a lifetime of past experiences. My former me was so hard on myself that one slip-up meant giving up completely, so the fact that yet again you've been able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, is in my eyes, admirable.

    However, looking at it in another way, do you think skinny people beat themselves up for eating a few chips and some chocolate? Of course not! It's something that they feel is perfectly normal and afterwards go straight back to their healthy, skinny lives.

    Until we stop thinking of ourselves as fatties and unentitled, we will forever class ourselves as abnormal. We are regular human beings, who for one reason or another, let our focus slip, but are now making a conscious effort to redress the balance.

    That does not mean that we have to condemn ourselves to a lifetime of denial, guilt and apologies, because that's probably half of the reason we arrived here in the first place.

    You should be so proud of what you've achieved for yourself and for the inspiration you've given to dozens of others. I personally (and I'm sure many others would agree), think that your achievements to date are absolutely fantastic and that the odd chip, or chocolate will not diminish that.

    I thank you, you've helped me enormously.

    PS If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, as I've only started posting today. It's because I've spent the last five days reading old posts and it's only by doing that, that I've been able to come out of the closet and put my faith and trust in you and others like you.

  • Agree with all above posts, and you know what Dave you've already jumped to the learning and action that comes after a slip up, you've worked out what the problem is and you've already put a plan in place to address it. Getting out on the start of your "weekend" is going to bring you more enjoyment in its own right than just avoiding the bad food trap! ☀️

  • Hi Dave,

    I would think less along the lines of it being a slip up, and more along of the lines of it being a treat for how completely AWESOME you've been over the past few weeks. You've changed so much about your life, exercise levels, eating habits etc. you deserve some chips and chocolate. It's not going to make much difference overall, you've proved that you can throw some chips away and that you can wake up the next day and feel back on the wagon again. WELL DONE :-)

    p.s. I'm also starting an Italian cooking class soon - what a daft thing to do when I'm trying to eat less !!!

  • Hey Dave, brilliant post as usual! Love the cooking classes idea....identifying triggers is tough, they creep up on us and just ambush! Boredom is one of my triggers and isn't easy to ditch because I didnt realise I was bored! your bike ride instead of the film post hit the nail on the head for me. I'm now more likely to get some life rather than watch tv. Still a long way to go to change thirty year habits but we're getting there!

  • Dave as much as you get from this site you give back to us in double, and some more. Absolutely honoured that you're finding inspiration from us, as your example is driving so many people on too. You're very honest about your crisps and chocolate, and I also try to be honest about drinking alcohol, which is my downfall.

    On Sat night at my bf's friend's emigration party, I set out to drink 2 glasses of wine and had 2 glasses of wine. But I didn't need to. I asked for small, but to be honest you're lucky if you get small, it was a generous 175ml glass. I had it with water and made it last about 2 hours. The party was winding down and I thought - I deserve that 2nd glass. I went and had it, and finished it. It was more than I'd accounted for, with each glass being a 1/3rd bigger than a 'small' glass, and I also got tipsy, not having drunk anything like that much for ages. Of course I got my usual stomach reaction the next day which I get after too much wine. The remorse came next - why did I feel I deserved that 2nd glass so much even though I was fine with 1?

    But you've got to laugh. The gap betwen these things happening gets longer and longer, but when they come the feeling of guilt is the same. Why can't we see that there was also an achievement - it was the first time I'd drunk enough alcohol to actually get tipsy for ages. Your choc is the same. You aren't having it everyday anymore but it still makes you feel just as guilty! We need to start shifting our perspectives. It's not such a bad thing if it's becoming less frequent, and we're gaining more control over it. It's becoming a more sustainable treat, something of a development from an uncontrollable urge, towards decisively planning and choosing to have a small (controlled) amount (even if not quite at the fully controlled stage yet!). As Lucca says, perhaps you did actually deserve it :)

  • A big thank you for always saying the things others are too scared to say (me I think)

    Glad you have got on top of the slips and know what to do to help yourself fix things.

    Cooking classes sound fab, my favourite thing in the world, I teach young parents to cook as part of work and I am amazed by how connective classes can be. And why not incorporate what you love in to a wonderful thing , FOOD !!!!! just think you would be able to invite all your friends around for a wonderful supper. I find you never eat as much when you are hosting, you are running around making sure everything is ok for everyone else, so win win.

    Hope you have a great holiday and your week goes well :)

  • Go Dave. I'm sort of glad you dip cos it makes me feel normal. We are what we eat, in the sense of fat or not. If it wasn't that simple dieting wouldn't work! We're on the way down weight-wise in that the overall direction is down, but a few hillocks on the way. So what? Down down deeper and down!

  • Hi Dave,

    You are AWESOME yourself! You have been so incredibly supportive to people on the Monday thread (I've just been reading your replies there, really great!), and within your responses to people across the forum, and your individual posts are 'looked forward to' by so many people during the week - glad you enjoy writing, as that means you've got pressure to write 'more'!!! :-)

    You did so well to have a 99% good week, with just 1% excess, that is so minimal in the scale of things, and for many people the spread is more 80% to 20%, which again isn't bad. We should try to achieve a healthy balance, and do what we feel is right for our own bodies and minds. Some weeks are more challenging than others, some days contain good and bad bits, but having support from one another certainly helps.

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Nooooo - don't feel bad about it. Savour every blessed moment and then jump back on the wagon. Once in a while does no damage at all. And well done with the slow process of digging yourself out of a long-established rut. I think it's called Enlightenment! Tough'un, though... #knowwhatitslike

  • What I am picking out of your post Dave is a nearly perfect positive. Yep, you boobooed a little ( the operative word being Little), but you didn't wallow and found your focus quickly. Cooking classes hey? You must be getting ready for our invasion of you lol. 😊

  • Hi Dave,

    Read your post this morning but could not reply as was going out, but it's stayed with me.

    As others have all said, one slip does not undo all your hard work and at least half of the chips made it to the bin.

    Sometimes I find no rhyme or reason why I go off plan but when do try to learn from the idea of a cooking class, I'm not a cook but love your MKR and Australia Masterchef much better than ours!! Never know might see you on it 😃

    Why you post has stayed with me is I had a shocker of a day yesterday, was on track, the sun was shinning and I thought ' I deserve a treat' ( the inner child was calling!!) so went to local shop and came out armed with scones and ' low fat cream', after all one calorie counted scone was ok in the day and I had been to circuit class!! 4 scones and 4 kit Kats later, panic. It was like a switch was thrown and the more had the more wanted.!!!

    Today woke feeling 'hung over' had a really poor sleep and very sluggish, was it worth it no.

    Next dilemma do I move on or say 'sod it' and wait till Friday? Well I've decided stop being a child and take an adult response, so have ate healthy and been to Aquafit, still feel 'rough' but I think it's because my system is not used to loads of high fat/high sugar.

    I do believe there is something in this sugar addiction so I am going to read a bit on it and listen to more of the podcast you suggested. Phew!!

    Not sure will turn it around by weigh day Friday but on the positive side had my hair trimmed so that will help eh ? lol

    Onward and upward or should I say downward (scales lol) !!!


  • Good luck for your Friday weigh-in Flossie, and congrats for picking yourself up and getting straight back onto plan after what shall we call it - scone-gate? There's still time to focus before then and make a loss happen (or at least avoid a gain). But positive thinking definitely helps, and I did recently lose weight on a week where I cut my hair, so I think you're maybe onto something :) Also, if it helps, your metabolism would have been burning calories extra effectively following the circuit class. Fingers crossed! :)

  • Partial to sconegates...

  • Hi Ruth,

    I'm laughing at scone-gate Love it {{{{{hug}}}}} ( pinched off Dave 1961).

    Been spot on today although still got my squats to do eek !!

    Planning to do 2 circuit classes tomorrow, on 11 am other at 6pm and eating low carb with good protein and veg.

    At the end of the day if gain I know why and need to figure out where these almost self destruct days come from. It's all a learning curve.

    Thanks for the support


  • But also, recording it and owning up to it is good. Eventually you'll notice they are happening much less often, they are less bad, you recover more quickly, etc. And you will have so many strategies in place re avoiding multipacks, putting things in the freezer to be forgotten about, that it will just become less likely that you'll be tempted too. Good luck and sending {{{{{hugs}}}}} back to you too :)

  • Spot on, RC :D

  • Lady after my own heart, Floss! Buy a pack of 4/6/8 scones, eat 4/6/8 scones. Simple. Motto? Buy 1 scone from the bakers. #unhelpfulbuttrue #butterlover #fellowsinner

  • Hi Gollibooboo,

    Thanks for the laugh and the support, next time I'll get them in the freezer straight away !! ( that was the plan) not !!!


  • I think owning up to it is smashing. I know in the past when I've been following a strict plan and over indulged in something, I would just pretend to myself and others that it didn't happen. "How could I have gained, I've eaten nothing but salads?!?"... Yeah right. 😇

    Making mistakes is easy, it's owning up to them that takes strength so I say well done you.

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