Hail Caesar! Yesterday I promised the princess that I would start training to be a centurion today!

Due to that and yesterday's threats from poppypug I donned my training outfit - had to wear black, the poppers kept coming open on the white - put plastic bags over the sandals (keep the mud off), a paper bag over my head (stop anyone recognising me) and ventured beyond the city gates.

I now feel more like a centenarian than a centurion but it will improve, surely it must.

I have repaired to my villa where I am reclining by the pool, eating peeled grapes and wondering if my heart rate will get back to normal before Wednesday.

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  • Onwards and upwards O Mighty One!

    Note to self.......obtain paper bag ;)

  • Don't forget to cut out eyeholes, I found running a bit difficult until I did that.

  • No problem, I find running impossible anyway ;)

  • Poor excuse. What I do isn't really running. It's walking fast then faster when she says run. Do try it - C25K on the NHS website.

  • Give me a few weeks of being able to walk and I'll be right there with you :)

  • That's what I like to hear - future centurions!

  • Just call me Newbius Maximus :)

  • Magnificent!!

  • :-) :-)

  • Are you with me?

  • Well I did do a morning run along the Tiber this morning and wondered at the paper bag getting damp. Must have been where I ran off the end of the pier, and certainly eye holes might have helped prevent such a calamity - So I guess I'm with you :-)

  • Good to know I wasn't the only one!

  • Hail Ceasar, promises, promises! I thought I saw a new designer sportswear accessory on my morning romp....however, this fashion is not for me, cannot wear paper bag as tiara tears holes into it! Other than I follow your excellent direction and am walking and then walking at a faster past...a bit like slow, slow, quick, quick, slow...my first reference to strictly!

  • Ah, sorry, in spite of fancy, spangly outfits being my things, cavorting on a dance floor is not something I do in them.

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