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Day 2

So day 1 managed but had to keep myself super busy. As it was sunday decided get some hobby out - made a dress ..... just need the interview ☺

Using the food tracker app to keep track helps. Now Day2 and boredom eating or procrastination aint gonna get better of me! College run done .... yup that old ... and headed straight to gym. Home now and sorting tonights tea - summer duvets washed and on line - winter duvets out. Shower shortly and three baskets of ironing to go ..... along with job-hunting. (Definitely easier day at work!)

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Look at it this way, by the time you've reached your first weigh-in, your home will be squeaky clean and your wardrobe will be fuller :)

Way to go! x

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At one point I ran out of sewing repair jobs and started sewing decorative sequins onto things, just to make sure I didn't keep snacking after I'd finished my dinner. I now have a new pile of clothes to make adjustments too. It's def good to keep your hands busy, the time passes and you're not putting food in your mouth :) Good luck job hunting, I've also been doing some of that, fun isn't it :(


Hi After 8 you sound like a gal with a plan....😄

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