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Daily Food Intake 🍴

Okay so I'm planning my daily food items & was wondering if it sounds like a good/half decent diet?

I will have either 2 Weetabix with Skim milk or a Uncle Tobys breakfast bar & banana for breki, a ham & cucumber sandwhich on brown bread & a small orange for lunch, a small tin of tuna, jacket potato & half a tin of baked beans or half a chicken fillet with cous cous & veg or something similar for dinner & then if I'm feeling extra peckish after dinner due to exercising or fancy something sweet I'll have abit of plain low fat yogurt with a little bit of cereal in for some crunch.

I'm going to make sure I don't go over board with my portion sizes & make sure I stay around 1200 cals.

How does this sound?

Thanks! 😊

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Good morning!

It sounds like a perfect day in the life of a dieter..... But it sounds very very restricted!

I would suggest you visit the NHS choices website to look at the 12 week plan and use the BMI checker. This will give you a little guidance with regards to how many calories you need each day - you could be surprised how many you can actually have!

Make sure you drink plenty of water and try to avoid regimes sugar ( that's easier said than done!)

It will have taken time for you to have put on weight, it will take time to take the weight off. Think baby steps.... Small changes over a period of time are more likely to stay with you that lots of big changes!

Go easy on yourself - if you make your weight loss plan too restrictive, you make it harder to stick to....

Good luck!


Have you loaded this into Myfitnesspal to see how it comes out calories wise?

My initial thought was that it seems kind of carb heavy? Weetabix, breakfast bar, bread, potato, beans, couscous - I can see that you are going with something easy where you do not have to cook much however if you can reduce your carbs at lunch and especially dinner you will find the weight loss will be more efficient.

A bag of salad leaves with half an avocado chopped up, some balsamic vinegar and olive oil as dressing and a small tin of tuna thrown over can be easy and delicious. I also add in pepitas, goji berries and some walnuts just for crunch.

I just googled "low carb lunches" and this link came up - OMG I LOVE these lunch ideas and am definitely going to try some of these out. Must be new as I am sure I would not have missed these.


Ummm brekky I tend to have porridge because the carbs get burned during the day but I also like an omelette or avocado, mint and feta mashed up, spread on a piece of rye toast with a poached egg on top.

Dinner I am usually quite high on protein and vegies - I try to avoid potato or rice or similar as they are carb heavy but sometimes ya just gotta say stuff it:)

I hope some of this helped.



Carb heavy, we all cope differently


Our bodies store carbs we don't use as fat so carbs in the morning can be great but carbs in the evening likely aren't burned off so it's better to avoid simple carbs when we can.

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My breakfast is usually a boiled egg with a slice of bread and butter. I start with a few grapes.

Lunch is usually an open cheese sandwich with a tomato and a sweet biscuit

Dinner piece of chicken or meat carrots broccoli and a small potato

Peaches with 2 teaspoons cream.

Late snack Digestive biscuit.

I have only done this for one week and have lost 2lbs


Very interest Dave,I went to the recommend Buzzfeed,it looks great,thank you for the link

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I think that it's the basis of a good plan but as NiCherry says ,you might need to eat more. If I were eating this I would add more protein to the breakfast and also plan snacks for mid morning and just before the gym or whatever exercise you are planning. That you should carry you through the day without getting hungry or headaches which will hugely improve your experience.

Have a good day.


The perfect meal plan should always include breakfast and the main breakfast I have is weetabix with semi skimmed milk or oat so simple blueberry porrage.

I have a whole wheat turkey or chicken salad sandwich or boiled egg and salad sandwich for lunch with a tub of grapes and strawberries. Or I have a bowl of chopped salad with spinach boiled egg and tuna with a quarter cup of quinoa or you can use whole wheat pasta twists and the dressing is a light mayo. One of my favourite lunches is two scrambled eggs with spinach two table spoons of baked beans and a slice of whole wheat toast warmed in the microwave.

For dinner I have baked trout/cod/ or salmon with a half cup measure of quinoa and a salad. Or I have jerk chicken drumsticks x 2 with a half cup of rice and peas and a salad or a cup of cabbage.

I always go for a high protein dinner which keeps me full for the rest of the evening and don't eat anything after 5 pm as I am in bed for 21:30 anyway so its suit me fine. All my meal times are set to fit in with my lifestyle.

I also enjoy a bag of Walkers Pops or quavers for a snack during the day and on alternate days I enjoy reduced fat houmous and sweet chilli flat breads.

Hope these ideas help

Trafford1 x

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It sounds like a hobby diet I'm afraid rather than the rest of your life. That's not because it is 'bad' as such but it sounds very familiar and not what people stick with long term.

Is there any particular reason you've chosen 1200 calories - and are you planning to use a calorie counting tool (many of us use MyFitnessPal, but there are others) initially or winging it? There can be merits to doing this eg if you think you are likely to eat more at the weekends, then having a lower level during the week may help you average a useful number. Or maybe you are petite and not able to exercise much.

This being the NHS weight loss forum the obvious place to point you is the associated NHS weight loss plan (when you read here about 'Week 1' that's what people are talking about)

Everyone is different and has a different life so you have to feel your way to some extent. For example, although you often hear of the merits of snacks, it doesn't work for me. And I need a decent breakfast - I have a cooked breakfast several times a week - but it doesn't cause any problems for my overall calorie count. Although I am not interested in a formal low carb approach, I have found that with calorie counting I have naturally evolved into lunches which are not regularly based around bread. Or indeed around carbohydrate dense food at all.

You might like to think about swapping the yoghurt for some really delicious fruit so it is a proper treat. Sweetened (whatever that's with) yoghurts and similar seem a bit like methadone for heroin addicts to me... they keep you jogging along but also keep you locked into a certain paradigm. And they will be sitting there in the fridge so my hunch would be that you'll either be fancying them a lot more than if they were still in the shop, or feeling obliged to eat them before they go off.


That sounds great.But if you have a sweet tooth you will feel weird after a couple of days

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Thanks for all of your replies & comments guys! Will take it all into consideration 😊 I havn't downloaded the calorie counter app, just thought id do it alone & keep my own log of food & exercise 👌 I calculated my BMI & it came up at about 1400 a day which I will definitely allow myself on days that I feel more hungry but if I feel good & not hungry on this 1200 plan i will stick to it & allow myself little extras at the weekend. I may swap some lunches for a salad to cut out bread for less carbs but the amount that I am eating I am under my carbohydrate limit anyways. Everything I've named in this plan is food that I actually love so I think it will be pretty sustainable for me but we shall see & will keep updating on here! 😄

Thanks again & hope everyone has had a great day x


Sounds like a good plan - i would include additional fruit as snacks if your allowance allows and lots of water.

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Hi girxx, you've got a wealth of wonderful replies! one thing that is so true is we all do what is right for us as individuals...so my only comment is around what works for me...that is I am now making my own food from real food, not processed, loads of very low cal food like green leaf veg...i make soups and curries and ....whatever i love. I will have so much food to eat it's unbelievable!....then I distract myself when i know im not hungry...like now...posting!😉

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To all those with the word 'diet' to weight loss.

Reality is healthy eating is lifestyle choice If ( and it has been proven) people go eating different food for quick loss of weight then return to eating the food they would averagely consume and bang the pounds creep back on.

The answer is very simple eat less excerises more and keep doing that as habit and the weight will fall slowly and therefore(again scientific fact) the weight is likely to stay off as new regime becomes the norm.

Obviously if you have some conditions like diabetes medical advise needs to be sought before any change are started.

I was a tutor on public health for a period of time this subject was one of the modules!

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Since you asked, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, brown bread, jacket potato, baked beans, yoghurt, most cereals and to a lesser extent cous cous, all spike insulin at which time you can't burn fat for fuel. Chronically raised insulin is also bad for health, narrowing arteries.


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