Weighing in tomorrow

Up till now (end week 5) I have actually looked forward to weigh in day. I guess I have known i'd be a loser. Why then ,tonight am I fearing the scales?

I have exercised 5x last week. Walked loads. Eaten sensibly. Planned ahead for meals out and stayed within calories,

I just am scared. I should have lost at least 0.5 kg so why am I so scared?

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  • Hi 2B, we've often had thoughts that good things can't last forever......could be that...however, good things can last and do! Good luck....

  • That's very wise and probably very true:)

  • Portlandprincess is probably right!

    You have had such a good run of weight loss that subconsciously you are preparing yourself for the run to have stopped!?

    It's always possible that you will not have lost this week, and it's possible that your will maintain. Its also possible that of you measure you waist etc. etc. you might have lost inches instead!!!

    So, take a deep breath and jump on those scales - and of you don't see the numbers you want... We will all be here to support you!

    Fingers crossed for you!!!!

  • I lost! 0.7 kg that's about a lb and a half I think!

  • Yeah!

  • Well done you!

  • Fantastic I was going to say like NiCherry did it may appear in inches which I'm sure your aiming for. Your headed in the right direction keep up the good work.

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