Feels like forever

Moving back to my flat wasn't stressful per se, but it was a disruption to my routine and that throws me off the tracks for a while; I've never been good with dealing with change.

In those past few weeks I ate pizza, had chocolate, ate ice-cream and stopped exercising, but luckily enough I've continued to lose the pounds, ever so slowly though.

Now that I've finally settled at the flat I hope to start an exercise routine, as of tomorrow morning hopefully. I've continued to eat well since being here and now that it's my own fridge and cupboards, there is nothing tempting me to binge..although I'm having 2 meals a day and can feel my stomach rumbling as I'm typing this; I just cba to eat any more if it means salad now, eh.

Need to learn me some nice soup recipes.


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12 Replies

  • Hi there

    Glad your back settled in :)

    Can't really help much with the soup recipes but will be following this post to pinch some when people comment :)

    Good luck x

  • Haha my mom makes banging soups

    As soon as I get recipes off her, I'll make a post about it x)

  • Despite all the changes, your doing really well. Wishing you all the best in your new home😃

  • It can be hard to deal with those changes. Heck I had a couple bad days just because I went from working 12 hours a day to a normal working day.

    Stay focussed and remember why you are doing this.

  • Yup yup, I think it will be much easier living away from the fam.

    It's the working out that gonna be an issue, but I'll think of something or just maybe go for walks more instead.

  • Well done Hannah. Now that it's getting a bit colder it's harder just to live on salad. But you're doing the best thing by finding some soup recipes. Jacket potatoes are really good comfort food as it gets colder. Good luck with the exercise

  • Yeah! It was you who had recommended soup in the colder days to me, made alot of sense, so thank you for that :3

    Jacket potatoes are the enemy!! I NEED SO MUCH CHEESE ON THEM!!


  • Nooooooooo. No cheese! Or if you have to have geese have quark but make sure you have lots of salad or veggies with it! Personally I love it with baked beans and a salad.

  • Haha, narp I don't like anything else but lots n lots n lots n looooooootsss of cheese on my jack potatoes, with colesaw and sometimes backed beans so yeah.. ima just avoid eating it because there wouldn't be any point if I'm not enjoying it :p

  • Spader posted this a few days ago healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    Also here's a quick carrot soup recipe :)

    Fry finely chopped celery in a big saucepan on a very low light. You can use frylight or normal oil.

    When it gets soft add loads of carrots, boiling water, and half a veggie stock cube (or a whole one if you're making a massive batch). Add a little salt too. Boil and then reduce heat to a simmer for ages to make the carrots really soft, about 25-30mins.

    Then blend it all with an electric blender, and add ground black pepper and fresh chopped coriander on the top to serve. You can freeze it in portions too. Enjoy :)

    Good luck adapting to being in the flat. If you are hungry between meals, how about having a banana or a healthy snack :)

  • Ooooooh sounds lovely! I ought to start making some home made soups because I've started purchasing those sachet Heinz ones and as yummy as they are, wondering if i'd be better off making my own :3

    I dont get hungry anymore now, I just eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner and have detox pukka tea between each! Thanksssss

  • Sounds like things are going well, good to hear. Keep posting on here as term gets started, let us know how you get on. Lots of luck, and yes def recommend making your own soups, much tastier :)

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