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Not having a good evening! My eldest starts secondary school tomorrow and I'm so nervous for him, it's the first time he'll walk himself to school and also walk back and have to let himself in until I get home from picking other two up and it all feels very overwhelming!! Normally I cope well but my mum passed away two years ago and it justs hasn't been the same not having her reassuring voice to let me know it will all be fine. So instead I've stupidly hit the wine and the chocolate and I now feel completely deflated and annoyed at myself!

Sorry just needed to let of some steam!! ๐Ÿ˜”

18 Replies
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We all do stupid stuff, relax! A fresh new day tomm to start afresh eh?

ICan-IWill in reply to Nsky24

Thank you, yep I'm now in bed hoping to put this behind me and start afresh tomorrow.

Awww it is a big milestone though, and if you haven't got your mum to comfort and reassure you then it will be harder.

Thankfully I'm not quite there yet ( my daughter is only 3) and Im not your mum but everything will be ok.

Don't beat yourself up about it, you had wine and chocolates but you canove on from it. I'm guessing you have overcome worse things. A fresh start tommorow to make it a good day :)

Hope your child has a good first day :)

Oh thank you, it's silly really as I know he'll be absolutely fine but as a parent you can't help but worry. Yes tomorrow is a fresh day. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yes, like I say I'm only in the early years of parenthood and my daughter has been in education since she was 2, but I'm ironing her new uniform now and getting her shoes out and worrying about weather she will make friends at school and like her new teacher etc, which is silly because when she's at school she won't even think about me lol x

Oh bless her and you. I'm a preschool teacher and it's so true that most of the time the parents leave upset but the children are absolutely fine!! Kids eh who'd have em!!?? haha.

Fran182716Restart August 2020

Bless you it is nerve racking and hopefully you'll feel reassured after the first few days and not succumb to the wine and chocs again. I had no qualms about my eldest two going on their own but the third one has some sort of brain glitch when it comes to safety and I secretly followed him for two weeks!!

Haha that's made me giggle as I think if I didn't have two others to get to school and go to work myself I so would do the same!! Thank you I'm already feeling brighter it's amazing how this forum can help. :)

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to ICan-IWill

You're welcome ! He's twenty now so I am dreading him saying he wants driving lessons ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

It's okay! Take a deep breath and let it all go. That should help a little.

Thank you. :)

Activity2004Visitor in reply to ICan-IWill

You're welcome!๐Ÿ˜€

Hi I Can, your babe will have a brilliant day! Bet he's already arranged to meet his friends before the school starts....huge step in life but with you cheerleading him on he'll be more than fine!๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you. :)

By now or very soon you will be waking up.

Forget your little stumble, focus on keeping your day together and eating well.

I am sure that you have raised a responsible young man and he will be absolutely fine.


ICan-IWill in reply to Dave1961

Thank you Dave, yes awake and feeling much brighter. :)

Well the day is here and things will be fine in clearer light, exciting all around. It's a giant step for him, praise him for his good work. Be to thank to the above you remained positive through what was stressful for you, and you were able to hide your emotions. Do not beat yourself up for the drinking and sweets just add an exercise route or two.

Oh now don't you worry most of us have been there with our children and those milestones I can remember feeling just like you You don't have your dear mum but I've been through it 3 times and it was absolutely fine so can I reassure you instead

Don't worry about the wine and chocolate but maybe you could raise a little glass tomorrow when your son has had a brilliant day and tells you all about it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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