Just thought I would share. I have been to a car show today where all them lovely fast food vans congregate and drag you to them with their lovely smells. Walked around and didn't have anything! This for me is a massive result as burger vans are a big weakness of mine. Also went to a little cafe and while daughter had a sandwich and husband had a cream scone I had a cup of tea and not the normal latte and bun massive result for today, very pleased with myself 😊😊😊


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9 Replies

  • Well done you that is so tough to do! 🌼

  • Very well done you x

  • Hey Lizzibeth, well done you! That's a tough call but you've done it!

  • Well done, sounds like you had to really dig deep to resist all those lovely foods on offer! Everytime you're tempted now always think of that day and it will keep you motivated! Have a fab week. :)

  • Hi Lizzibeth,

    Sounds like a really good day.

    Well done for coping so well. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done, it's really hard sometimes when out socially.

    You did good girl !


  • Wow well done you :)

    Should be very proud of yourself as that must have taken a lot of willpower!

    Doesn't it feel good tho :)

  • Oooh - well done resisting that cream scone - a definite weakness of mine :-)

  • Awww that is totally AWESOME!

    The smells are so hard to resist aren't they - I am sure some dastardly food scientist is back there pumping the air full of those delicious smells that make your tummy rumble and brain go what diet?!

    You did really well - you should be very proud of yourself.

    I meant to ask you to pick me up a Ferrari while you were there...whoops - never mind - next time.

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