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Hail Caesar! Nightmare featuring Senator poppypug, owner of the haberdashery to the great and important of Rome!

Hmm, strange nightmare last night. I went down to the haberdashery to see Senator poppypug, the expert in matters such as latest fashion colours of ric rac. She got all huffy and said that I should stop poncing about with such matters and she was going to take me out to start training with the centurions. If I didn't do that she would throw me to the lions and everyone would laugh at me. Noooooooooooo! What if my hair gets spoilt or I get mud on the gold victory tick on my sandals?

Is this a premonition? Maybe I'll manage without the leather thongs for my outfit and if I keep myself away from the market for a few days it'll all pass over.

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Hail Ceasar ....I think running with centurions sounds like fun!


Tomorrow I will go out beyond the gates and have my initial Week 1attempt. There now I've said it I have to do it. Poppypug says she will bring along the hair mousse - let's hope she doesn't renege on that.

How about you join me in my venture back to C25K with centurions? I've done it once so it is possible. Or are you already super fit?


ceasar asparagus , that would give me much pleasure! Will be investigating....does it count if I walk?


It's good fun. Check it out. It's longer walking sections than jogging ones in the first few weeks and you can repeat weeks if you need to.

I finished it last year but due to a holiday I stopped bothering and slowly my weight loss became a plus. Have decided I will start tomorrow.


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