Morning after the night before!

So went to my friends birthday party last night and as I said in my message yesterday I was feeling apprehensive about resisting all the buffet food.

Well I didn't have any alcohol and stuck to lime and soda which I'm proud of as normally wine and a party go hand in hand for me!

However I wasn't as good at the buffet I did succumb to a cocktail sausage roll, a couple of chicken nuggets, a slice of quiche but I did fill my plate with salad.

The hardest part was dessert with cheesecake, chocolate cake and fruits tarts all on offer but I dug deep into my willpower and instead went and had a good boogie on the dance floor. 💃

I'm now up and ready for my run feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Hope you all have a good one 😄


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11 Replies

  • My report: I stuck to the two glasses of wine I set out to have and had two glasses of water too. Actually felt quite tipsy as that's the most I've had for ages. Had dinner beforehand, and resisted cakes/pretzels/crisps, but totally went for delicious fruit skewers that were on offer with melon, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries :)

  • Well done you, the fruit sounds lovely. :)

  • It was an absolute lifesaver! I still went over my cals for the day but better to have had fruit than crisps. Lucky there wasn't a full buffet like at yours. You did well to resist all those desserts!

  • Good for you hope you are feeling really good about your choices, buffet is like a devil always on your shoulder daring you 😈

    Really impressed resisted the cake, I would of had that instead of the savoury.

    Glad you had a good night.


  • Thank you, I have such a sweet tooth so resisting the cake was so hard but I've proved to myself that I can. Have a good Sunday. :)

  • You did good girl! And hope you're already feeling the benefits! Happy Sunday...Yeah!😄

  • Well done you. I hate buffets, you never know in advance if there is going to be anything healthy and so it is impossible to plan and you may have to spend up to four hours being faced with cake!!! You seem to have done an amazing job of dodging all the traps and having a good time. Hope you enjoyed your run. 🏃🏼

  • Well done, hopefully that boogie will ever even out the sausage rolls.

    Glad you had a good time though as we all have to live in the here and now and learn to make healthy choices for life and find a balance we can maintain.

  • Wow - sounds like you did really well. I'm not sure I'd have such willpower ! - well done :-)

  • Holy crap I am so impressed with you!

    The little sausage roll, a couple chicken nuggets? Big deal.

    BUT when I started reading "The hardest part was dessert with cheesecake, chocolate cake and fruits tarts" I immediately thought of my cheesecake addiction and I was dreading the words you were about to type.

    Which were totally AWESOME as it turns out!

    You rock - big gold star for that one!

  • Thank you Dave, it did take a great deal of willpower but I proved I can do it! Thanks for the gold star! ;)

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