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Need to loose 4Ilbs!

Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in a while, but need some support!

I am currently 8 stone 13 Ilbs and by Saturday morning I would like to be 8 stone 9 (or very close)!

I know people are going to say that the weight loss is too quick, etc, but it's not. I really want to be this weight before I move back to university, it will help my confidence! And as long as I'm eating lots of vegetables then I think it may be achievable, but need some support so that I don't break away from this diet!!!

Just a bit more weight to lose and I will be happy!



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Hey Tracey, university is full of wonderful experiences. If you loose 4 pounds you might find them again during fresher week. Why not burn them off over the next two weeks? They'll stay away then.....make you feel good and look toned.


I hardly drink and when I do I lose weight, for some reason?! I have been loosing weight for 1 year and 8 days and during that time never but any weight on at uni, but always lost it :) just want to have a final push at losing weight!! ... thanks for the advice and support!


Hey Tracey, should have read your posts before I replied! What a star you are.

Someone in a previous post asked for your top tips....I've got 4 and 1/2 stone to burn off...any advice?

Enjoy uni and once again, well done you!


😊😊 ... I always used to track every single calorie that passed my mouth, be it food or drink. I used a good old fashioned pen and paper! People always say to weigh yourself once a week, or even once every two weeks, but for me, I weighed daily. It worked for me!

I didn't cut anything out of my diet, still enjoyed the occasional treat which meant that I didn't over indulge!

I don't even diet, but changed my way of eating completely, which is now habit!

When snacking I always have low calorie food like cucumber, where you can practically eat the whole stick for hardly any calories compared to snacking on fruit or chocolate.

I cut down on fruit because compared to veg it is quite high in calories and sugar. I did make sure that one of my portions of fruit and veg a day was from fruit.

At dinner times I make sure that I eat from a small plate, and half of the plate is veg.

People mention cutting out carbs and stuff, but this only works in the short term, so I wouldn't bother!

If I think of anything else I will let you know! ☺


Now please post this wonderful advice to the world! Your common sense approach ....brilliant!


Really Tracey? I guess I will never understand someone of your weight being so concerned and desperate to lose 4lbs. You see, I want to lose 8st 13lbs (your whole body weight) and you know what? I'd still be considered overweight if I did manage to drop that much. I know losing weight is hard but maybe if you put this into perspective.. you weigh less than 9stone, surely you are within the 'normal' weight range, unless you're only 3 feet tall. (geez I hope you're not or I will feel like a complete idiot.) Relax a little, be easy on yourself, life is for enjoying too, you dont need to stress over 4 little pounds. Best of luck, I hope you enjoy the week ahead.

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You know what, I felt exactly the same when I was 16 stone 2 lbs, but your whole perspective and mind set changes once you've lost so much weight. I never used to understand the people who said that they need to lose a few Ilbs when they looked 'skinny' (for want of a better word), but it's getting used to being a smaller size and trying to get any confidence back ... it's hard to explain.

Thank you, and you too! :)


I see you've lost so much weight already, Congratulations Tracey! I hope I can lose a good 6 stone too and then I'll feel half normal again. It is difficult to keep off.


Thank you, it has been 1 year and 8 days and I have lost 7 stone 5lbs! Crazy stuff! ... just want to lose the last 4Ilbs to get to my target! ... I haven't found it difficult to keep off so far, bease I have purposely maintained weight for a few weeks here and there before losing weight again. But I guess the real test is keeping it off for life 😮 good luck, and keep us posted with your success!


Thank you Tracey. I reckon I will need a little luck, for sure. I lost 8 stone back in 2010, I felt great and although I was still massively overweight compared to other people I was happy with my weight, I was a few kgs under 100kgs and I could do anything. Being in DD (Double Digits) felt amazing. As time has gone on, over the last 5 years I have gradually gained 6 of those 8 stones back and I do NOT want those other two! So I'm here having another go. I joined the site 25 Aug...had a couple of good days and then not so good...So as of 1st Sept I got my head on straight (well, it did get a bit wobbly on one day) and I'm feeling serious. I weighed in 1st Sept and I'll weigh weekly. I hope to post my losses maybe monthly. No one needs/wants to know about every half a kilo I lose, it'll be a long slog.


You can prob lose 2lbs if you really focus, or 4lbs if you put yourself through some kind of 7 day boot camp! We're here to help if that's what you need. But how about getting yourself something else to feel good about yourself. Maybe plan how you'll maintain your goal weight, such as by getting some new cookery books and a few storecupboard staples that will help you stay healthy during the term ahead. Get a great haircut or new clothes and try to push the focus away from what the scales say. They're not the holy font of all that can make us happy! Lots of luck :)

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