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Newbie 😊

Stumbled across this website & thought I'd become a member myself! Piled on some lbs recently & desperately want to get them off! I'm here for my own accountability, inspiration, motivation & to help others at the same time 💗

I'm aiming for a 1200 calorie a day diet & I'm going to the gym atleast 5 times a week to blast my chub off.. hopefully!

My main downfall is anything sweet! & weekends! I alllllllways slip up on these 2 & I really need to get my act together & just power through my cravings & be stricter with myself.

Going to be giving this 12 week challenge a good shot & will be weighing in weekly! 11st to 9.7st is my overall goal. Fingers crossed & good luck to everyone else on their journeys 💪

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Welcome 😜 xx

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Hi Glrxxx,

Welcome and hope you enjoy being part of this forum. Great to hear you're giving the NHS 12 week plan a go - and that you're be weighing in weekly. Wishing you lots of success, and look forward to catching up with you on the forum.

Hope you're coping ok with this weekend - I noticed you mentioned that weekends are challenges. I know you're not alone in that, I also think weekends are more challenging. So good luck! Hope it goes really well. :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Hi grlxxx and welcome to this community. You are in good hands and the best place for your weight loss journey. The nhs 12 week plan is excellent. I have completed the 12 wks already and am on wk 35 now that's how good it is. Have a read through all 12 weeks and you will see just how easy it is to follow.

Planning every meal will be key to your success on this journey and making sure you count every calorie using myfitnesspal if you choose.

I wish you every success on your journey just believe in yourself and you will succeed in achieving your goal.

Trafford1 x

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Hey there grlXxx, welcome ....lots of wonderful people here to support.

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Thanks for all of your replies guys. This community feels great & very supportive. Looking forward to see what the next 12 weeks bring! 😊


Hey there and welcome!

If you are being that active 1200 seems a little low but I assume you have done the proper math :)

One of the things you should top start with is calorie count. Yes I KNOW its dull and boring but the way we get ourselves into the overweight state is because our portion sizes are out of whack and our real understanding of how many calories something is have evaporated.

The Myfitnesspal app is used quite widely round here, is simple to set up,

easy to use, scans barcodes, imports web recipes - and calculates your daily calorie goal. And its free!

Unless you have a plan you won't be able to just power through and ignore sweet stuff. If you could you would have already so make sure you have some good alternatives like dark chocolate or low calorie sweets or zero calorie gum always available.

I have a supermarket I drive past where I used to buy chocolate each night after work. I now listen to a podcast called Cut The Fat every night as I drive past and chocolate is not on my mind because all I can hear is health, health, health!

GL and post if you need support or help :D



Thanks for your advice! 1200 cals is the number im aiming to stick around but if I feel extra hungry due to exercising I will allow myself a little more if need be 😊 I've also stocked up on some plain low fat yogurt & some cocoa flavoured gluten free cereal called XO Crunch from Freedom that I will add a small handful to whenever I can't tackle my sweet tooth!

Hope it works! 😄

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