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A mixed bag this week

This is not a weigh-in because I'm too much of a coward. I know I have put weight on this week. It's been the week before my period (which I didn't realise until it started this morning) and this always makes me want to eat everything in sight. I just don't seem to get full!! Anyway, I really need to keep a better track of when my period is going to start so that I can look out for overeating beforehand! Anyway, there has been cake, there has been pizza and there has been curry! All in all not a good week.

HOWEVER! This morning, feeling a bit sick from the curry I ate last night and with my period starting, I decided to still drag myself out to the parkrun this morning and I absolutely smashed it!!! Haven't heard my official time yet but I'm pretty sure it might be sub 31 minutes which is nearly 2 minutes off my pb!! I thought I might pass out at one point but I'm so chuffed!! This has also given me the kick up the bum I needed so back to being good with food this week! No excuses!

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Hi Rachel,

Your Parkrun time sounds really great this morning, and well done for doing that. You're sounding positive and motivated, and last week is already behind you.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and here's to a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Remember this feeling, remember how GOOD it feels to be good to your body and feed your willpower muscle with these great feelings from your exercise so that next time when you are faced with a decision like pizza you can bring back up the great post exercise feeling and decide you want MORE of that feeling and LESS of the heavy, bad stomach feeling from pizza.

Well done on the run - I was also out this morning and for a rather bizarre reason smashed my PB as well :)

Feels good doesn't it? :)


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