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Need to catch up. Been a stressful week

Hi all. Just trying to catch up on everything I have missed. Read some interesting posts so far. I have been out of action since Sunday. Had intense pain which decided to see a Dr about on bank holiday to be told it was my appendix. Was told would be done same day to be cancelled at 11.45pm. Disaster! Got op tues morning and have been in pain since. Eating has been non existent/sporadic due to pain. Out of hospital thurs evening and my husband drove is 5 hours to Cornwall yesterday for our 3 night caravan break with our 2 kids. They are having brilliant time. I need to concentrate on eating for health and not us inning my pain as an excuse for eating badly. Wish me luck

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Hi Claire what an awful week you've had! Saving grace may be that you will only feel like eating light refreshing food while you're on holiday. Concentrate on healthy foods that will nourish and help your tummy to heal, hope your family are looking after you and you still manage to have a lovely break x


Yep, please listen to Banana cake, you need to look after you! The drive will have been tough. But what a wonderful mum you are to keep going on the holiday despite all you've been through...big respect!


Aww Claire - what a bad week ! :-( Hope you are on the road to recovery despite the pain. Try and enjoy the holiday as best you can :-)


Hi Claireep,

I am so sorry to hear about your appendix pain, and the stressful week you've had as a result of that. Poor you - that's awful.

Glad you've arrived safely in Cornwall for your family holiday, and I agree with everyone's suggestions that you take it easy and let your family look after you! Hope you recuperate well and enjoy being in Cornwall.

Take care,

Lowcal :-)


Bless you what a difficult week you have had. Very brave of you to carry on with holiday.

Hope you are feeling a bit better


Thank you all for your supportive comments. We only booked the holiday last Saturday so my 5 year old was distraught to find out we might not go. My husband is very supportive and pro active with the kids so holiday has been excellent recovery time. Going to refocus on weight loss when back home but for now trying to eat healthy for recovery.

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That sucks!

Has anyone even figured out why we have that bloody thing? :)

Rest up, eat in accordance with your energy needs and focus on your goals.

You can get through this and come out healthier.

And anyway - how much does an appendix weigh- that must be a few more ounces off? :D


Thanks Dave. Funnily enough that is exactly what my husband said!! Love the positive thinking 😉


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