Unrequited love

Today I had my first taste of chocolate in 10 days (I was doing very well on squares of fruitella to ward off the cravings). For some reason I've been in an awful mood for the past three days, so I foolishly bought a bag of chocolate buttons... followed by chocolate cookies.... and cake... and now I have the most awful skin and a nasty headache. It's safe to say chocolate doesn't love me back! Feeling really disheartened after an initial boost of motivation and a weight loss of four pounds. I'm also quite ashamed I've given in so soon. Does this happen to anyone else or do I need to buck up?! On a brighter note I'm off to the gym tomorrow for the first time in almost sixth months; equally excited and nervous! Hope everyone is well.


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13 Replies

  • Sometimes sh*t just happens no matter how hard we try :)

    I often say I think about willpower as a muscle and for those of us who have eaten ourselves all the way to this forum our willpower muscle is puny.

    It takes time and effort to build up but every no top chips and yes to a walk makes it a teeny bit stronger.

    Its early days for you and your willpower is only small but the more you resist - just like your physical muscles pushing weights and bands - the more it will grow.

    When I was first starting out I absolutely immersed myself in health. I was listening to a podcast called Cut The Fat every spare moment (its fantastic I would highly recommend it - great no fad interesting information about how your body works and how to get the most of your eating and exercise to burn fat), I was reading self help and information books and still am. There is a fascinating book by Michael Moss called "Salt, Sugar, Fat - How The Food Giants Hooked Us" which I have just started. Its amazing what the food industry has done to make food like heroin for many of us.

    I googled the best stretch exercises, explored personal trainer options...I was just constantly thinking about my body and health and I think that helped me get through some rough patches at the start.

    Sure I had a break out last week and ate a bog block of chocolate but once I was done and woke up the next day I resolved to forget that indiscretion and get straight back into health, health, health!

    You CAN do this - and every little decision you make to help, not hurt, your body makes the next decision a little easier.

  • What a fantastic reply!

  • Phew :)

    You’re right, my willpower is puny and it goes much further than just making poor diet choices, I really need to leave the house…

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to give me all this fantastic advice and support. I went and read your rubber band post and it made me realise that just because I’d had a momentary ‘hiccup’ (thanks Portland Princess!) that didn’t necessarily mean I’d ruined the whole thing and failed.

    It is an absolute nightmare though as I’m a cashier and it only takes one bad customer to have me making a beeline towards the sweets aisle in my break!!! But I’ll build my willpower up slowly. I’ve already started walking to work instead of taking the train, so there’s something.

    My dad (bless him) bought me a really good book called the Food Bible so I’ve started educating myself and I found a few Cut The Fat podcasts I can listen to on the way to work, they’re brilliant. Also there is a whole segment on health on Netflix that I am slowly working my way through, as well as some really interesting TED talks. You can never know too much right?

    I can do this! Time to start exercising my willpower. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  • That simple choice to walk to work is such a great, easy, empowering move.

    And aren't those podcasts interesting?

    Pleased to hear you're back in the saddle - and the next time a customer annoys you just punch them in the throat.

    It may not win you Employee Of The Month but damn, won't it feel good? ;)

  • God morning hudson95. Nothing to be ashamed off. One chocolate outing isn't going to reverse all you have achieved . I am guessing you know that already. Have fun at the gym today! 🚵🏾🏃🏼👣🏊🏽

  • You're absolutely right Gonti! Time to haul myself off for a spot of cardio... hope you're having a good weekend :)

  • Just watch Jamie's Sugar Rush on Channel 4. You'll never eat sugar again!! Certainly has put me off. X

  • watching it right now... omg

  • Hey Hudson....not bad to get an awful reaction from choc after less than two weeks. I often have a slip up but prefer to think of them as hiccups. Just a bit annoying. One day at a time.

  • Hi again Portland Princess. I probably shouldn't find my spotty face so amusing but every time I look in the mirror it's a reminder that my body obviously isn't very impressed with my food choices over the past few days! So I'll follow your example and call this one a hiccup. Have a good day and thank you for your support.

  • Everybody knows that once a bag of buttons has been opened, they must be eaten. You have done us all a favour by removing one from the store, one less for us all to worry about. Hee hee, now back to the eating plan!!

  • So glad I could help!! Hahaha, back to good old fruit and veg...

  • When in an awful mood, check the following:

    - Your overall diet - Are you scrimping on vegetables (particularly greens) and good quality protein + balanced carbs? Eat well = feel well.

    - Are you getting enough sleep? Less than 6 good quality hours doesn't help.

    - Where are you in your monthly cycle? Anticipate mood dips before menstruation. Try to do a bit more exercise throughout the month. The gym will help (endorphins :)). When I was going to the gym 3x a week a few years ago, it impacted extremely positively on my PMS and overall cycle.

    - What are your stress levels like? If high, chill out even for a short period of time.

    - If suffering from unrequited love - try to concentrate on making gains in your life. Do things that make you feel better. You'll make positive connections and will gradually dig your way out of the pit of accumulated feelings that can only seem to be returned by chocolate. You may even meet someone who is better for you. Yes, it's hard to think about jettisoning the undying object of our affections at times of peak 'love flow' (emanating from oneself) but love that's not returned only makes us ill.

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