Back at work 😊

After trying to get into a routine of exercising and calorie counting in the summer holidays I was dreading going back to work and not sticking with it.

After my first 3 days back, I must say I have nearly done better 😊

I work in a small unit at school with autistic children as we have new children arrive, I've had no morning break, 10-15 minutes for lunch ( enough to eat my salad) and plenty of walking.

After work I have been so tired that I haven't thought about food until dinner, and despite cooking for the family, I have adapted my portion to suit me.

Yesterday I had to force myself out in the evening ( despite finding at least 25 excuses not to) and I walked with short jogging intervals for 45 minutes. And guess what - I actually enjoyed it 😲

I have tried countless diets, but finally I am making the right changes!!!

I am NOT going through hunger pangs, I AM getting fitter, and I have such great support, encouragement and "teachers" here.

I need to make sure I stick with it now, I know I will have the odd day off, but do I feel better for having found this forum 😊!!!!!

Sorry about going on, just had to πŸ˜‰

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10 Replies

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  • Hi Elissy,

    Sounds like it was tough getting back to work, but great that you coped ok, and got through it. Also, it's good that you're feeling better generally, and making some positive changes regarding your healthy eating plan and fitness - especially good to hear you're not having any hunger pangs - that's really good. :-)

    Getting fitter and feeling better are such great outcomes, and it's down to your diligence and enthusiasm, so really well done.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, Lowcal, wouldn't have coped so well without this forum, have a great weekend yourself 😊

  • Hi Elissy, sounds like you're a girl with a plan! When you're so busy I bet you don't even think about food!

  • Didn't have a chance to drink, eat or think πŸ˜‰

    Will get better but it's giving me a good start 😊

  • Sounds like you had a great day :-) I feel just as you do about the forum etc - hopefully we'll all succeed !

  • I'm sure we will, and I will find my cheekbones too πŸ˜‰, well done to you, Lucca


    I LOVED reading this and hearing about you have started to want to make healthy choices and are finding that you can enjoy exercise. Yay you!

    Once you crash through these barriers things do start to get a little easier and you find that you are craving the exercise because you start to get addicted to that feel good feeling that hits you as you really get into it and eating healthy becomes a natural extension of that because you figure why do all that exercise and then eat rubbish?

    Very happy for you :)

  • Thank you, Dave, your posts have been such inspiration while written with so much humour 😊

  • Never apologise for long posts. They help your mindset and they can motivate others. Well done for the changes you have made so far.

  • Well done, I too have had the summer off, I'm back on Monday and I'm feeling apprehensive as the staff area always has biscuits and cakes that other staff have brought in. I'm already planning healthier snacks to have at the ready so I'm not tempted!!

    Good luck for next week, enjoy your weekend. :)

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